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Subject: Re: What is another word for cerebellum?

Date: Wed Mar 17 13:45:10 1999
Posted by Ricky J. Sethi
Position: MadSci Admin

Do you know if the amount of neurons you are born with stays the same throughout your life. Or does it increase or decrese?

Hi Monica,

Well, the cerebellum is located in the hindbrain and is responsible for motor control. So you might have heard it referred to as the motor center or as the hindbrain. As for the second half of your question, the number of neurons does not stay the same. Neurons in the CNS (the brain and spinal cord) don't seem to regenerate (regrow) or reproduce. I should point out that this is how it seems right now and there is mounting evidence that this might not be as clearcut as we imagined. Nevertheless, there is neuron loss in the brain over the course of years (starting about 6 months after birth). However, there is also recent evidence that might indicate that the amount of loss with aging isn't as severe as previously thought (no pun intended :). Please see this article by the Harvard University Gazette for more info.

Hope that helped,


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