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1. Physics: Re: Why is there a vacuum inside an electron gun (or CRT)?, Fred M. Niell, III, Grad student, Physics, Univ. of Michigan Tue Mar 12 13:44:33 2002
2. Chemistry: Re: Did the Bohr Model have sub-levels?, Todd Whitcombe, Associate Professor, Chemistry Tue Nov 11 12:42:12 2003
3. Physics: Re: my son has a project , Ves Childs, Staff, inventor, electrochemistry, 3M retired Fri Dec 17 17:27:18 2004
4. Physics: Re: Is there a Spin wave of an Electron ?, Samuel Silverstein, Lecturer in physics Tue Feb 21 06:01:27 2012
5. Physics: Is there a Spin wave of an Electron ?, Birol, grad (science) Sun Feb 19 15:28:20 2012
6. Chemistry : Re: Model of an atom, Samuel Conway, Senior Staff Chemist, Avid Therapeutics,Philadelphia, PA Tue Sep 2 18:36:43 1997
7. Chemistry: What are the problems with the Bohr model?, Michael, 10-12 Thu Apr 12 16:57:30 2001
8. Physics: Re: How fast do electrons in an atom travel?, Jerrold Franklin, Faculty, Physics, Temple University Sat Dec 16 05:30:45 2000
9. Chemistry: Re: Why don't atoms collapse?, Dan Berger, Faculty Chemistry/Science, Bluffton College Fri Feb 5 16:51:59 1999
10. Physics: Re: Electron Rotation (general questions), Vladimir Escalante-Ramírez, Faculty, Institute of Astronomy, National University of Mexico Mon Oct 16 15:44:33 2000
11. Physics: Re: Do electrons behave like satelites?, Vladimir Escalante-Ramírez, Faculty, Institute of Astronomy, National University of Mexico Mon Dec 11 01:35:37 2000
12. Physics: Re: What force keeps electrons spinning?, Matt Tilley, Undergraduate, Physics and Mathematics double major, Arkansas State University Fri Jun 16 12:21:34 2000
13. Physics : RE: Electron-nucleus attraction, John Christie, Faculty, School of Physical Chemistry, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia Sun Jul 14 18:54:00 1996
14. Physics: Re: Clarification of electron wave/cloud issues, Ken Wharton, Physics Professor Fri Jul 3 21:38:45 2009
15. Computer Science: Re: What is the need of Computer in Teaching Science?, Lawrence Skarin, Rochester Museum and Science Center Technical Assistance Group Wed Oct 20 16:10:55 2004
16. Physics: Why is there no wavelength associated with a 1s2s-1s2 in He I para spectrum, Sean, undergrad Mon Apr 21 23:20:35 2008
17. Physics: Re: How can nanoscientists pick atoms up and move them about when they are not , Kevin Davies, Grad Student, Chemistry Wed Sep 26 14:42:03 2007
18. Physics: Re: specifically, how do you obtain heat from the electric current?, Kenneth Beck, Senior Research Scientist, Chemistry and Physics of Complex Systems, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Tue Oct 26 18:10:17 2004
19. Physics : Re: see descriptive comments box, Georg Hager, Grad student Theorie III Tue Mar 18 16:52:49 1997
20. Physics: Re: If light is made up of photons, where do the waves fit in?, Sidney Chivers, , Nuclear Engineering, retired Tue Mar 21 12:11:16 2000
21. Physics: Re: Do gravitons carry gravitational force or cause it?, Layne Johnson, Undergraduate Wed Nov 10 19:12:56 1999
22. Physics: Re: What causes the differnce in intensity of the lines of the Balmer series, James Griepenburg, , Chemical consultant, Chemmet Services Fri Aug 6 07:57:02 2004
23. Chemistry: Re: Why does atom need to achieve octet or duplet in order to be stable?, Ed Stammel, Faculty, Computer, SUNY Delhi Tue May 22 12:32:11 2012
24. Science History: Re: Do diffrent measureing devices cause different conclusions?, Dan Berger, Faculty Chemistry/Science, Bluffton College Tue Dec 8 10:05:06 1998
25. Physics: Re: differences n similar btwn bohr rutherford model n quantum mechanical model, Ken Wharton, Physics Professor Tue Oct 2 09:52:58 2007


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