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1. Biochemistry: Re: Re: What is a lanthionine bond?, Peter E. Hughes, Ph. D. Biochemistry, Fri Feb 2 08:07:23 2007
2. Physics: Re: At the molecular (quantum) level, how does water evaporation occur?, Calvin Cole, Faculty, Engineering Physics, Northeastern State University Thu Oct 6 06:45:50 2005
3. General Biology: Re: What is the cause for the grooves (major and minor) in the DNA double helix, Steve Mack, Associate Staff Scientist Mon Mar 15 15:49:16 2010
4. Chemistry: Re: How does mercury bond in C2H3HgN?, Dan Patel, Graduate Student, Chemistry Mon Jun 20 17:15:16 2005
5. Physics: Re: Can the orbit of an electron be influenced by another proximal electron?, Dan Patel, Undergraduate, Chemistry Major/Math Minor, University of Houston Wed Mar 29 19:53:10 2000
6. Chemistry : Re: How are the exact angles determined in molecules? , John Christie, Faculty, School of Physical Chemistry, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia Sun Jan 19 21:23:13 1997
7. Engineering: Re: How do variables and fixed resistors work?, Lawrence Skarin, Rochester Museum and Science Center Technical Assistance Group Sun Apr 11 11:26:10 2004
8. Chemistry: Re: What is the explanation for the melting&chemical corrosion of polymers?, Dr. Jeries Barghout, Post-doc/Fellow, Department of Materials, University of Oxford Fri Aug 27 09:43:04 1999
9. Chemistry: Re: Is sulfur hybridized in S(CH3)2? in such case, what is the hibridization?, Dan Berger, Faculty Chemistry/Science, Bluffton College Mon Jun 25 17:41:21 2001
10. Chemistry: Re: What is the proper lewis structure for NO2, and its properties?, Dan Berger, Faculty Chemistry/Science, Bluffton College Thu Feb 24 11:23:26 2000
11. Biochemistry: Re: Can the viscosity of cooking oil used in bread predict the compressibility?, Robert LaBudde, Staff, Food science, Least Cost Formulations, Ltd. Mon Mar 29 22:46:49 2004
12. Biochemistry: how big a protein can one still crystallize ? , Nicolas, grad (science) Wed Dec 31 05:54:03 2008
13. Physics : Re: What is the differnce between electromagnetic and mechanical waves?, Paul Noel, Nursing and Business, Individual Wed Mar 19 16:40:12 1997
14. Physics: Re: Bullet penetration of spinning disc, Ken Wharton, Physics Professor Fri Oct 7 13:25:55 2005
15. Chemistry: Re: How did scientists find out an accurate energy value of the hydrogen bond?, Enrico Uva, Secondary School Teacher Chemistry, Physical Science Mon Dec 6 14:14:40 1999
16. Physics: How does the deflection of a cantilever [dowel] vary with mass/length etc.., Amadeus Stevenson, 10-12 Tue May 30 19:26:29 2000
17. Chemistry: Re: I need the structure of rubber after vulcanization., Ken Johnsen, MadSci Admin Sun May 3 22:20:56 1998
18. Chemistry: Re: how large is a single molecule of kevlar?, David Akerman, Staff, R&D Scientist, Clear Edge Wed Nov 16 15:46:41 2005
19. Microbiology: Re: effect of far infrared lamp in a domestic refrigerator , Jason Henrie, Staff, Chemistry, Utah State University Thu Aug 20 16:56:36 1998
20. Chemistry: Rationalize the statement that SF4 has bond angles of 179 and 103 degrees, Sabrina, undergrad Sat Feb 24 00:14:01 2001
21. Chemistry: Re: Rationalize the statement that SF4 has bond angles of 179 and 103 degrees, Sean Hunt, Secondary School Teacher, Science, ISM Tue Feb 27 04:23:25 2001
22. Biochemistry: Re: what causes DNA and tRNA to twist, Michael Onken, Admin, MadSci Network Thu Dec 6 11:25:36 2001
23. Physics: Re: How does the deflection of a cantilever [dowel] vary with mass/length etc.., John Balbach, Physicist Tue Jun 27 10:55:22 2000
24. Chemistry: Re: why is ozone so unstable?, Chris Cerrato, Staff, Compounding Dept., C. L. Hauthaway & Sons Thu Jan 10 15:43:27 2002
25. Zoology: Re: What causes a giraffe to make noise in the wild?, June M. Wingert , RM(NRM),Associate Scientist Wed Oct 10 16:39:50 2001


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