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1. Biochemistry: Re: What is Titration and how does it work???, Lane Niles, Ph.D., President and Chief Science Officer Tue Mar 4 10:40:50 2008
2. Biochemistry: Re: Where does Hydrogen Peroxide come from in the Body?, Andrew Cross, Faculty Molecular and Experimental Medicine, Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation, LaJolla CA Mon Sep 27 16:21:44 1999
3. Biochemistry: Re: Are there reactions in our body that can take place without enzymes?, Alex Tobias, Ph.D., Scientist Tue May 31 08:23:38 2011
4. Biochemistry: Is there different amounts of catalase in different vertebrae?, Hanna, 10-12 Sat Feb 10 13:38:47 2007
5. Biochemistry: Re: how can you control the temperature in the reaction involving catalsase, Neil Saunders, Research fellow Mon Jan 1 23:48:47 2001
6. Biochemistry: how can you control the temperature in the reaction involving catalsase, No name entered., 10-12 Mon Dec 11 15:30:37 2000
7. Biochemistry: Re: Catalase?????, kumar chandraskharan, Grad student, Cellular and Molecular Cardiology, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology Mon Sep 28 23:13:55 1998
8. Biochemistry: Re: What makes enzymes 'live'?, Melanie Stegman, Grad student, Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology, University of Cincinnati Tue Nov 23 04:02:47 1999
9. Biochemistry: Re: does the catalase enzyme work at a lower optimal temperature in fish ? , Mark Sullivan, Medical Student Wed Mar 1 21:24:28 2000
10. Biochemistry: In the guiacol-peroxidase reaction, is guaiacol an actual substrate ?, Sara, teacher/prof Sun Mar 14 20:19:56 2004
11. Biochemistry: How do i calculate the rate of reaction of something, KULLY, 10-12 Wed Apr 13 11:18:06 2005
12. Biochemistry: Re: In the guiacol-peroxidase reaction, is guaiacol an actual substrate ?, Steve Mack, Post-doc/Fellow, Molecular and Cell Biology Tue Mar 16 11:15:59 2004
13. Chemistry: Re: Why when more peroxide is added to more catalase, is there a greater reacti, Alvan Hengge, Faculty, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Utah State University Wed Apr 12 12:11:41 2000
14. Biochemistry: Re: how do I tell that an enzyme has reacted with hydrogen proxide, Lynn Bry, MD/PhD, Dept. Pathology, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School Sun Feb 20 11:47:30 2005
15. Biochemistry: Re: Why do potatoes contain catalase?, Eric Maass, Operations Manager, semiconductors / communication products Sat Nov 28 17:20:43 1998
16. Biochemistry: Re: why does the concentration of catalase vary in different liver tissues?, Sarah Earley, Grad student, CU Boulder Wed Jun 21 17:16:07 2000
17. Biochemistry: Re: Is catalase the same thing as Hydrogen peroxidase?, Michael Onken, MadSci Admin Wed Oct 13 10:03:50 1999
18. General Biology: Re: What might affect metabolism and hence catalase production in vertebrates?, Matthew Champion, Graduate student, Biochemistry/Biophysics Texas A&M University Tue Jan 8 16:39:54 2002
19. Biochemistry: what is the difference between pure catalase and yeast?, Louise, 10-12 Wed Feb 14 04:33:43 2007
20. Biochemistry: Does a body malfunction, such as obesity affect the enzyme catalase?, Rigela, 10-12 Sat Feb 18 15:18:58 2006
21. Biochemistry: How does conc. of Hydrogen Peroxide affect the IMMOBILIZED enzyme catalase?, Victoria Fannan, undergrad Mon Mar 27 06:58:36 2000
22. Biochemistry: How much catalase is in yeast? resubmission, Nerys, 10-12 Fri Jan 23 07:53:14 2004
23. Biochemistry: will catalase in diff. types of potatoes have diff. reactions w/ H202, Jamie, 10-12 Sun Jun 4 21:40:41 2000
24. Chemistry: can you have a non-protein catalyst?, jane, 10-12 Sat Feb 19 21:18:03 2000
25. Biochemistry: About bovine catalase and NADP?, amy, 10-12 Sun Feb 1 09:48:48 2004


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