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1. Engineering: Any replacement for activated carbon, Teo, undergrad Tue Jul 17 22:34:24 2001
2. Cell Biology: Re: Why do differences between animal and plant cells exist?, Elsa Lee, Grad student, Molecular Cell Biology Fri Nov 28 19:34:31 2003
3. Cell Biology: Re: why does an increase in temperature increase the rate of osmosis, Michael Maguire, Professor Fri Apr 16 08:40:20 2004
4. Botany: How do sugarbeet and sugarcane manage to survive?, Josh, 10-12 Tue Aug 16 10:45:35 2011
5. Botany: Re: Why/How does sugar affect the travel of dye through transpiration?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Thu Apr 21 18:11:56 2005
6. Cell Biology: Re: How does Osmosis work exactly?, Michael Maguire, Faculty,Case Western Reserve Univ. Wed Feb 27 09:11:59 2002
7. Biochemistry: If a person cannot drink salt water, why is it okay to drink sugar water., Karl, undergrad Mon Feb 21 21:12:15 2011
8. Cell Biology: Re: what will happen toyour body cells if the salinity of your body fluid decre, Sanjida Rangwala, Graduate Student, Washington University Thu Feb 23 19:02:17 2006
9. Botany: Re: When is a cell flaccid compared to turgid compared to plasmolysed?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Tue Feb 10 15:02:42 2004
10. Medicine : Re: Why gargle with saltwater?, Samuel Conway, Senior Staff Chemist, Avid Therapeutics,Philadelphia, PA Wed May 28 19:43:25 1997
11. Science History: Re: why didn't colonial americans make alcohol from maple sap?, Steve Mack, Post-doc/Fellow, Molecular and Cell Biology Tue Oct 19 16:42:15 2004
12. Biochemistry: Re: Is it possible to create a simple water filter that uses reverse osmosis?, Chris Taylor, Student, chemistry, University of Wales, Swansea Tue Feb 10 07:30:48 1998
13. Anatomy: Re: If H2O enters soaking fingers/toes, why isn't the skin swollen tight?, Dave Williams, Science Department Chair, Valencia Community College Sat Jul 17 11:56:27 2004
14. Botany: Re: Are fruit seeds kept dry and seperate from the juices of the fruit?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Sat Apr 6 18:41:45 2002
15. General Biology: How does oxygen enter the leaves of a plant at night?, No name entered., No grade entered. Fri Oct 6 05:56:59 2000
16. Botany: Re: How does the pH of water affect photosynthesis of elodea?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Thu May 12 16:14:32 2005
17. Environment & Ecology: Re: Removal od Silica from well water, Andrea Riegler, Grad student, Biological and Agricultural Engineering, North Carolina State University Tue Sep 19 08:05:45 2000
18. Cell Biology: Re: When blood molecule kept in distilled water burst, Michael Onken, MadSci Admin Fri Jun 11 12:27:11 1999
19. Medicine : Re: Why does your skin wrinkle after being in water for a longish time?, Joseph Miletich, M.D./PhD, Faculty Biochemistry/Laboratory Medicine Thu Jul 10 12:39:02 1997
20. Cell Biology: Re: Does excess water in cells cause them to breakdown over time?, Matthew Champion, Staff Scientist Tue Feb 19 12:57:14 2008
21. Biochemistry: How does brining a turkey before smoking it make it juicier?, lynn, teacher/prof Thu Nov 23 10:23:30 2000
22. Cell Biology: How do contractile vacuole's in a paramecium expel water?, Maddy, undergrad Wed Aug 25 06:33:45 1999
23. Environment & Ecology: Re: Can filtered water from an activated carbon filter be worse than tap water , Kieran Kelly, Chemical engineer Sun Sep 7 20:40:27 2003
24. Biochemistry: Re: How does an egg shell works like a cell membrane when osmosis happens?, Ewen McLaughlin, Lecturer, Chemistry, Swansea College Mon Feb 28 10:23:22 2000
25. Botany : Re: How does water get to the top of tall trees?, Evelyn Tsang, Grad student Molecular Evolutionary Biology, McGill University Thu Jun 26 10:54:30 1997


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