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1. Earth Sciences: Re: What began continental drift?, Bill Raatz, Ph.D., Exploration geologist, Stratigraphy/sedimentology, ARCO International Oil & Gas Co. Tue Apr 7 09:11:32 1998
2. Earth Sciences: Re: Why do earthquakes strike certain areas over and over again???, Sarah Fretz, Undergraduate, Biology, New Mexico Tech Tue Apr 3 15:52:14 2001
3. Earth Sciences: Re: What is the difference between the Earth Crust and Lithosphere? , David Smith, Faculty Geology, Environmental Science Mon Oct 29 14:06:43 2001
4. Earth Sciences: Re: What causes the shifting of the plates of the earth, causing earthquakes?, David Smith, Director of Professional Development Fri May 13 08:03:00 2005
5. Earth Sciences: what causes a earthquake to happen?, haley, 10-12 Sun Apr 30 16:55:39 2006
6. Earth Sciences: Re: Could ocean rise cause increase in earth quates&volcanos?, shashank HARITHSA, Grad student, Research fellow in Microbiology department, National Institute of Oceanography Wed Jul 4 09:03:17 2001
7. Earth Sciences: Re: Could a meteor have caused the earths landmass to split into continents?, David Smith, Faculty Geology, Environmental Science Mon Aug 13 10:30:28 2001
8. Earth Sciences: Re: What is the main cause of earthquakes and why would this be the main cause?, David Scarboro, Faculty, Earth Sciences, The Open University Mon Dec 24 13:21:27 2001
9. Earth Sciences: Re: The role of water in plate tectonics (is water necessary for plate , Donald Bruehl, Consultant,Geologic Resources Tue Oct 19 19:18:25 1999
10. Earth Sciences: Re: Why don't strong earthquakes trigger other earthquakes?, Irene Zananiri, Grad student, Department of Geophysics & Seismology , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Mon Jun 26 04:21:01 2000
11. Earth Sciences: Re: Do other planets have layers?what are teh layers made of?, Diane Hanley, Geologist Sun Aug 29 21:11:31 1999
12. Earth Sciences: Re: where is the weakest spot in the plates?, David Smith, Faculty Geology, Environmental Science Tue Apr 17 11:46:02 2001
13. Earth Sciences: Re: What is bathymetry of oceans in relation to plate tetonics?, Eder Molina, Researcher PhD, Dept. of Geophysics, Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics - USP Fri Mar 26 12:37:57 1999
14. Earth Sciences: Re: How much heat from the earth's core contributes to our conditions?, Dan Berger, Faculty Chemistry/Science, Bluffton College Mon Sep 14 13:56:45 1998
15. Earth Sciences: Re: Is the theory by Jules Verne for the Center of the Earth valid?, Simon Cochrane, Secondary School Teacher, Science, Cockburn High School Sat Jan 21 13:46:20 2006
16. Environment : Re: By taking the oil out of the earth?Are we ending our time here early?, Benjamin Monreal, Grad student, Physics, MIT Tue Nov 7 12:53:20 2000
17. Astronomy: Re: Can earthquakes occur on all the planets in the universe besides earth?, Bryan Dunne, Instructor, Astronomy, University of Illinois Tue Nov 14 09:12:11 2006
18. Earth Sciences: No subject, Charles Wolf, K-3 (age 5-7)
19. Astronomy: Re: Is the annual buildup of multi-million tons of ice at both poles sufficient, Nick Hoffman, Physics Sun May 31 19:04:45 1998
20. Astronomy: Re: Does the sperical shape of the Earth change? , Nick Hoffman, Oil and Gas Exploration Geophysics - Melbourne, Australia Wed May 5 18:25:19 1999
21. Earth Sciences: Re: My question is, will there ever be an earthquake or valcano in Vermont? , Robert Chesson, Other (pls. specify below), Working Geologist (Certified Professional Geologist), FEC Wed Sep 30 16:31:35 1998
22. Earth Sciences: Re: dose depleating the oil from under the surface eventualy cause friction?, David McMillan, Post-doc/Fellow, Earth and Space Science, York University Wed Mar 28 12:33:48 2007
23. : No subject, ,


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