Visible Human Transverse Section Through the Head

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This section through the eyeball demonstrates the lens, located at the front of the eyeball, and the bluish vitreous humor, a thick gelatinous material which fills the interior of the eye.

The area of the eye in front of the lens is divded into the anterior and posterior chambers. The anterior chamber occupies the space between the cornea and iris muscle, while the posterior chamber represents the space from the iris to the lens. The ciliary body in the posterior chamber secretes the aqueous humor, a fluid of thinner consistency than the vitreous humor. Aqueous humor circulates throughout the anterior chamber and is aborbed through a small encircling canal in the anterior chamber (Canal of Schlemm). Improper drainage of aqueous humor leads to a buildup of pressure in the anterior of the eye, a serious condition known as glaucoma.

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Module Title: Visible Human Transverse Section Through the Head
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