Transverse Section - Pelvis

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The gluteus maximus is one of the larger muscles in the body. It forms the muscular area under the buttocks. The muscle originates from the sacrum and inserts on the posterior aspect of the femur (gluteal tuberosity). Behind it lies the gluteus medius and gluteus minimus muscles which are also visible in this section. These muscles help abduct (kick your leg to the side), rotate, and extend (kick your leg behind you) the hip joint. The gluteal muscles also play an important role maintaining the body's posture while standing. Without them we would be unable to stand, walk or run.

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Module Name: abd1820
Module Title: Transverse Section - Pelvis
Image Info: Tansverse Section through the abdomen/pelvis; Visible Human Project.
Created by: Lynn Bry
Last modified: January 12th, 1997

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