Small Intestinal Crypt of Lieberkühn.

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The lamina propria contains many important cell types and structures. Lacteals/lymphatics and vessels within each villus transport nutrients to the portal circulation. Fribroblasts and other mesenchymal cells provide stucture and support for the overlying epithelium. Large numbers of lymphoid cells circulate within the lamina propria. These cells represent part of the gut mucosal defense to microbial translocation across the epithelial barrier.

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Paneth cell | granule | lumen | undifferentiated crypt stem cell | lamina propria | nucleus |
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Module Name: crypt
Module Title: Small Intestinal Crypt of Lieberkühn.
Image Info: Electron micrograph taken by Lisa Roberts, 10,000X (?) magnification.
Created by: Lynn Bry
Last modified: Dec 12th, 1996.

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