Small Intestinal Crypt of Lieberkühn.

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The epithelial crypt stem cells give rise to all epithelial cell lineages. These lineages include the villus-associated absorptive enterocytes, mucin-secreting goblet cells, enteroendocrine cells, and the crypt-associated Paneth cells. Committed precursor cells are believed to arise from a single multi-potent stem cell. Differentiation of the four primary cell types is completed at the crypt-villus junction. Villus associated cells continue their migration along the villus surface. These cells undergo apoptosis near the villus tip and are subsequently lost after 3-5 days in the mouse.

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Module Name: crypt
Module Title: Small Intestinal Crypt of Lieberkühn.
Image Info: Electron micrograph taken by Lisa Roberts, 10,000X (?) magnification.
Created by: Lynn Bry
Last modified: Dec 12th, 1996.

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