Abdominal MRI Scan

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Module Name: mri
Module Title: Abdominal MRI Scan
Image Info: Coronal MRI scan from the Visible Human Project
Created by: Lynn Bry
Contact Email:bryl@medicine.wustl.edu
Date: Dec 17th, 1996


Key points: liver | lung | hilum | stomach | pancreas | small intestine | colon | mesentary | iliopsoas | kidney | spleen |

Introduction: Abdominal MRI scan from the Visible Human Project. Note the position of the internal organs on this scan.


biceps: Biceps muscle

clavicle: Section through the clavicle

colon: Sections through colon can be distinguished from normal small bowel by their larger diameter. In this image the section cuts through the transcerse and descending colon.

deltoid: Deltoid muscle extending over the rotator cuff.

heart: The heart can be seen in the mediastinum.

hilum: Vessels and bronchi enter the lungs at the hila.

humerus: Head of the humerus.

iliopsoas: Filet Mignon

kidney: Kidney. Calyces of the right kidney can be clearly visualized.

left_lung: Left lung field.

liver: The liver is the second largest organ of the body (skin takes 1st place). The liver plays a key role in digestion, 'processing' foodstuffs absorbed by the intestine, and detoxifying wastes.

mesentary: Fatty connective tissue connecting loops of bowel and other peritoneal organs. Vessels, lymphatics and nerves enter the gut wall through the mesenteric side.

oblique_muscle: Muscles of the abdominal wall - external oblique, transversalis and internal oblique.

pancreas: The pancreas can be recognized by its irregular edges, as compared with loops of small bowel.

pectoralis_major: Origins of insertion of the pectoralis major.

radius: Radius

right_lung: Right lung field.

small_intestine: Loop of small intestine, probably duodenum or proximal jejunum.

spleen: The outer rim of the spleen can be seen in this image.

stomach: The antral region of the stomach is evident in this image.

trachea: Branching of the trachea can be seen. Note that the right main bronchus has a lesser angle of divergence than the left main bronchus.

triceps: Triceps muscle

ulna: Ulna

vertebral_column: Anterior aspect of the vertebral column

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