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1. Earth Sciences: Re: Wht did Mount Everest's elevation drop, Bruce Lobitz, M.D., Emergency Physician Thu Mar 4 07:52:19 1999
2. Earth Sciences: Re: Can snowguns make perfect hexagonal snow crystals? If not what shape?, Lon Brouse, Faculty, Chemistry, Challenge Charter School Tue Feb 19 09:35:30 2002
3. Physics: Re: How does radio wave absorbtion work in MRI?, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Thu Sep 25 15:26:46 2008
4. Astronomy: Re: Does the Milky Way rise and set? , Max Wahrhaftig, None Sun Sep 19 09:08:34 1999
5. Chemistry: What happens to the uv light energy absorbed by suntan lotions?, Yvonne Buckley, grad (science) Thu Jun 17 04:20:14 1999
6. Chemistry : Re: What exactly is going on when iron is placed in vinegar?, Richard Oldroyd, Post-doc/Fellow Davy-Faraday Research Laboratory Thu Apr 24 04:21:13 1997
7. Science History : Re: HOW DID PEOPLE KEEP TEETH CLEAN IN THE PAST, Samuel Conway, Senior Staff Chemist, Avid Therapeutics,Philadelphia, PA Fri Jun 13 21:22:34 1997
8. Neuroscience: Re: Concerning the brain growth of infants, Robin Cooper, Faculty, neurobiology, Univ. of Kentucky Sat Oct 6 14:26:13 2001
9. Botany: Re: Why/How does sugar affect the travel of dye through transpiration?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Thu Apr 21 18:11:56 2005
10. Immunology: Re: What are the projections for the future of AIDS treatment - 5 to 10yrs, Brian Foley, Molecular Genetics Staff Scientist Wed Nov 7 15:58:59 2007
11. Neuroscience: Re: Viewing people's dreams on a screen. , Mitchell Maltenfort, Staff, Neurosurgery, Thomas Jefferson University Fri Jul 13 03:01:40 2007
12. Physics: Re: does the earths movement impart a red shift on light?, Ken Wharton, Physics Professor Tue Sep 28 20:01:01 2004
13. Environment & Ecology: Re: Does the fog and rain affect the animals in the rainforest in a bad way? , Michael O'Donnell, Post-doctoral researcher Sat Jul 25 14:16:05 2009
14. Zoology: How do dogs hear a bigger range of frequencies than humans? , No name entered., teacher/prof Thu Dec 7 10:55:15 2006
15. Physics: Re: If something has mass, does that mean it also takes up space?, Matthew Westmore, Grad student, Physics and Astronomy, University of Southampton Thu Oct 19 11:20:29 2000
16. Physics: Re: Would a time traveller create a massive explosion?, Joseph Weeks, Engineer Fri Jul 16 13:48:24 2004
17. Astronomy: Re: If the moon was moved 128,000 km closer to the sun, what would happen?, Pauline Barmby, Astrophysicist Sun Mar 9 18:28:03 2003
18. Astronomy: Re: what happened to the spaceship?, Neil Saunders, Computational biologist Tue Dec 12 07:37:12 2006
19. Genetics: Re: Possible (nor or ever) to alter a male donor's DNA so the clone is female?, Paul Szauter, Staff, Mouse Genome Informatics Tue Sep 21 09:00:40 2004
20. Earth Sciences: Re: Lightning cone of safety, William Beaty, Electrical Engineer / Physics explainer / K-6 science textbook content provider Sun Jan 3 13:43:51 1999
21. Botany: Re: How does lavender stalks kill algae or barley straw method kill it?, Yvonne Buckley, Grad student, Biology, Imperial College London Tue Aug 22 08:32:22 2000
22. Astronomy: Re: Can you use an asteroid as a spaceship?, John W. Weiss, Grad Student in Planetary Science Fri Feb 15 11:43:36 2002
23. Engineering: Re: Direction of electrical current & fuses, definition of 'ground', Adrian E. Popa, Retired Laboratory Director Sun Jul 9 13:42:00 2006
24. Evolution: Re: Is Creationism so Wrong?, Paul Barrett, Staff, Science Demonstrator, Pacific Science Center Sun Jun 10 18:20:18 2001
25. Zoology: Re: How do snakes breathe when they are eating?, Ingrid Dodge, Grad student, Immunology Wed Aug 30 14:26:14 2000


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