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1. Physics: Do steel cans float on water? If so, why? , LYCR, 10-12 Wed May 10 17:42:53 2000
2. Physics: Re: can you measure air pressure in a closed container? , Aurelio Ramos, Grad student, Computer Engineering Mon Jan 13 16:39:45 2003
3. Zoology: Re: WHAT IS THE GESTATION PERIOD OF A DUCK, June Wingert, RM(NRM),Research Associate Mon May 1 08:42:35 2000
4. Physics: Re: Is Quantum Teleportation possible, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Tue Mar 26 13:50:48 2002
5. Molecular Biology: Re: What can be used as a host cell during cloning, besides bacteria and yeast?, Amos Yan, Grad student, Molecular Biology, University of Texas at Austin Sun May 13 05:56:34 2007
6. Chemistry: Re: How do chemists create manmade elements?, Javier Castellano, Grad student, National Laboratory for Nuclear Fusion; CIEMAT - Spain Mon Feb 5 06:48:21 2001
7. Engineering: Re: What are some things in everyday life that use hydrostatic pressure., Aurelio Ramos, Grad student, Computer Engineering, Not a member of any institution Sun Mar 10 19:35:36 2002


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