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1. Neuroscience: Re: Why do People Stammer or Stutter when they talk ?, Eric Tardif, Post-doc/Fellow, Institut de Physiologie, Université de Lausanne Tue Jul 31 09:24:16 2001
2. Science History: What year did ben Franklin discover electricty?, andrew reimer, 4-6 Sat Apr 11 15:10:38 1998
3. Medicine: Re: Does the time of day you were born makeyou a 'morning person' or night owl, Alex Goddard, Grad student, Neuroscience, Harvard Medical School Mon Jun 9 07:53:01 2003
4. Physics: Re: What is the optimum amount of trampoline effect (deformation) of a golf clu, Tom Cull, Staff, Clinical Sciences MR Division, Marconi Medical Systems Tue Feb 6 17:40:29 2001
5. Chemistry: Re: Boiling down maple sap faster? , Eric Biddinger, Grad Student, Horticulture, Penn State University Mon Mar 2 17:02:19 1998
6. Computer Science: Re: In Delphi how do you convert binary numbers to dinary without using the Xor, Andrew Wood, Undergraduate, AstroPhysics & Cosmology Sun Nov 12 09:25:03 2000
7. Zoology: Re: How is the spotted dolphin different from other dolphins?, June Wingert, RM(NRM),Associate Scientist Fri Nov 24 11:50:10 2000
8. Botany: Re: Why do oxygen bubbles come from the cut stem of Elodea, rather than leaves, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Thu Mar 13 18:48:11 2003
9. Physics: What is the value of Young's Modulus in wood, Andrew, 10-12 Tue Jan 16 10:09:43 2001
10. Medicine: Re: How does the body heat up and cool down? , Mark Fung, MD/PhD, Post-doc/Fellow, Laboratory Medicine, Washington Univ at St Louis Fri Sep 24 22:27:38 1999
11. Zoology: Re: Where do I see baby pelicans and where do birds go during a storm?, June M. Wingert , RM(NRM),Associate Scientist Mon Oct 9 09:05:02 2000
12. Chemistry: Re: Balancing hydrazine, methyl alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide, John Christie, Faculty, School of Chemistry, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia Wed Nov 7 23:59:17 2001
13. Physics: Function of Structure?, Andrew Woods, grad (science) Thu Aug 20 21:08:48 1998
14. General Biology: Re: Can humans digest bone from livestock, poultry?, Will Higgs, Master's Student Thu Feb 26 03:09:22 2004
15. Physics: What is the smallest object visible?, Andrew, 7-9 Tue May 5 07:26:07 1998
16. : No subject, ,
17. Physics: Re: highest speed for human space travel, Jason Goodman, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Geosciences Sun Apr 22 15:50:08 2001
18. : No subject, ,
19. Botany: Would heavy metal compounds alter development of green plant pigments, Andrew, 10-12 Fri Jan 26 09:53:18 2001
20. Earth Sciences: Re: What effects will the melting of ice have on the salinity of the oceans?, Rob Campbell, PhD Candidate, Biological Oceanography, University of British Columbia Mon May 3 11:11:22 1999


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