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1. General Biology: Re: Where and what phases does our energy go though after we die? , Susan Letcher, Grad student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Connecticut Thu Jan 3 16:41:45 2008
2. Genetics: Re: why are african americans better athletes, Marie-Helene Boyer, History of Science, Mathematics and Technology, Anthropology Sat Mar 2 15:40:24 2002
3. Science History: Why are kids taught that a rainbow has 7 colours?, Brian, nonaligned Thu Jan 29 23:59:40 2009
4. Cell Biology: Re: Is any cell considered a living thing even that of a multi-cellulr organism, Ann-Marie Roy, Grad student, Biomedical Sciences, University of California, San Francisco Wed Jan 14 12:47:23 2004
5. Anatomy: Re: Why is it that the younger you are, the quicker your heart beats??, john young, Faculty, Anatomy, Howard University Tue Aug 25 13:43:57 1998
6. Astronomy: Re: Relativistic velocities of electrons and the formation of Neutron stars, Joseph Lazio, Radio Astronomer Sun Feb 15 12:42:05 2004


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