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1. Physics: Re: what does 'outside' mean when talking about the 'skin effect'?, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Fri Jan 3 17:07:47 2003
2. Physics: Re: would highly saturated electron field invisibility work, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Mon Apr 24 11:19:51 2006
3. Physics: Is there a new invention which lets you detect ice optically at distance?, Paul Murray, grad (non-science) Mon Oct 18 17:36:45 1999
4. Earth Sciences: Re: Is global warming making storms like Katrina hit my home?, Stephanie Shaw, Post-doc/Fellow, UC Berkeley Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, UC Berkeley Wed Jul 26 22:12:19 2006
5. Anatomy: Re: Can human beings MAKE sounds that are infrasonic or ultrasonic?, Andrea Zardetto-Smith, Asst Prof -faculty, Physical and Occupational Therapy and Biomedical Sciences, Creighton University Tue Mar 24 16:48:26 1998
6. Engineering: Re: What is the thing like a bike that when u pedall the light turns on?, Barry Kamrass, Alfred E. Mann Foundation for Scientific Research, Staff Electronics Engineer Tue Sep 26 18:47:32 2000
7. Computer Science: Re: How VLSI systems deal with interferences?, Barry Kamrass, Member, Technical Staff Tue Jul 15 10:57:49 2003
8. Physics: Re: Why is pressurized air a better electrical insulator than air at , Barry Kamrass, Staff Electronics Engineer Mon Feb 7 10:53:14 2000
9. Physics: Re: Is there something weird in Counter wound Bifilar Coils ?, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Tue Feb 7 11:05:10 2006
10. Physics: Heat Dissipation on electrical components ?, Dilan, undergrad Thu Feb 16 02:17:11 2006
11. Physics: Re: What is it that makes chords on e.g. a piano sound harmonic?, Barry King, Staff, Electronics Engineer, NRG Systems Fri May 22 13:20:43 2009
12. Engineering: Re: What effect does wing shape and placement have on an aircraft???? , Todd Engelman, , Aerospace Engineer, US Air Force, C-130 Technical Coordination Group Mon Apr 2 01:05:40 2001
13. Engineering: Re: How to go about building a small wind turbine., Barry King, Staff, Electronics Engineer, NRG Systems Wed Dec 6 11:52:21 2006
14. Engineering: Re: Interest in operating 3 Phase motor with only 2 Phase available, Barry Kamrass, Faculty, Electronic Engineering, the engineering consortium, inc. Fri Feb 5 17:43:31 1999
15. Astronomy: Estimating distances based on the speed of light, Barry Weissglass, grad (science) Sun Jan 17 18:27:16 1999
16. Engineering: Re: How can I switch 220V~ at a fast rate without a relay?, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Fri Jan 18 13:08:54 2002
17. Physics: Terminal velocity - which formula?, Barry Maguire, grad (science) Fri Jan 15 11:24:10 1999
18. Astronomy: Re: Are there any universes beyond the milky way?, Dan Patel, Undergraduate, Chemistry Major/Math Minor, University of Houston Tue Feb 8 22:25:26 2000
19. Engineering: Re: RMS and Peak in car audio., Barry King, Staff, Electronics Engineer, NRG Systems Tue Jan 23 15:44:13 2007
20. Engineering: Re: How Ultrasonic transducers are constructed, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Tue Jan 4 21:20:00 2005
21. Engineering: Re: How do I Create a Strong Electromagnetic Field, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Wed Jan 24 14:57:41 2001
22. Environment & Ecology: Re: What kinds of light from the sun are involved in the greenhouse effect?, Richard Kingsley, Science teacher Sat Jul 14 13:36:24 2001
23. Engineering: Re: Fuel Cell and Electrolysis efficiency?, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Fri Dec 10 15:49:19 2010
24. Engineering: Re: How can I make static electricity do work?, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Mon Feb 19 19:15:09 2001
25. Physics: Re: electromagnetic interaction of charged particles - virtual photons, Georg Hager, Grad student, Theoretical Particle Physics Mon Feb 1 07:45:30 1999


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