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1. Environment/Ecology: Re: Uses of spent sulfuric acid, Bob Peeples, Chemical Engineer, Environmental Program Management, U S Postal Service Sun Apr 5 19:03:47 1998
2. Medicine: 5 week liver regeneration myth, Bob, grad (non-science) Mon Aug 30 13:51:09 2004
3. Earth Sciences: Re: How does trash become electricity?, Madhu Siddalingaiah, Physicist, author, consultant Sun Jun 28 00:28:09 1998
4. Environment : Re: What happened to the particulates from the Kuwait oilfield fires?, Bob Weeks, Staff, Environmental Science, NMED DOE Oversight Bureau Thu Dec 7 17:15:59 2000
5. Environment & Ecology: Re: What proportion of sodium sulfide to distilled water to test for lead?, Bob Weeks, Staff, Environmental Science, NMED DOE Oversight Bureau Wed Feb 7 10:36:14 2001
6. Zoology: Re: How are bees affected by smoke?, June M. Wingert , RM(NRM),Associate Scientist Wed Oct 11 09:39:29 2000
7. Zoology: Re: How do turckeys reproduce?, June Wingert, RM(NRM),Associate Scientist Fri Nov 24 12:13:19 2000
8. Engineering: What's needed to construct a vernier caliper?, Robert (Bob), 10-12 Sun Dec 10 09:47:40 2000
9. Physics: Re: When hands are around a hot drink do they insulate it or cool it?, Joseph Weeks, Engineer Fri Nov 12 12:05:09 2004
10. Medicine: Re: What causes seasickness? Is it in the head? The stomach? what?, Bruce Lobitz, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Aiken Regional Medical Center Thu Feb 12 08:36:28 1998
11. Engineering: Re: What are 'grow toys' made of? Why do they expand in water?, Joseph Weeks, Engineer Mon Mar 31 13:20:16 2008
12. Environment & Ecology: Re: How would I set up an experiment to test for lead in candle soot?, Bob Weeks, Staff, Environmental Science, NMED DOE Oversight Bureau Mon Jan 15 16:17:22 2001


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