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1. Evolution: Re: Has anyone ever discovered fossilized parasites ?, Konrad Dolphin, Grad student, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine Mon Jul 12 04:43:48 1999
2. Evolution: Re: Does the hunting instinct control many of our actions?, Seamus Decker, Grad student, anthropology, Emory University Thu Jan 21 11:35:59 1999
3. Earth Sciences: Re: WHY IS PYRAMID LAKE IN NEVADA SALTY?, Carol Stein, , geology/geochemistry, Gannett Fleming, Inc. Tue Sep 25 17:27:51 2001
4. Earth Sciences: Re: WITH ALL THE TRUCKS AND CARS GOING N,S,E,AND WEST IS THERE ANY INFLUENCE, Carol Stein, , geology/geochemistry, Gannett Fleming, Inc. Thu Jul 5 15:36:53 2001
5. Neuroscience: Re: I want to test to see if aromatherapy really affects mood, how can i ?, Kevin Caldwell, Faculty, Neurosciences, University of New Mexico Wed Feb 2 02:07:21 2000
6. Physics : Re: Is light a wave or a particle?, David Winsemius, MadSci Admin Sat Jul 19 14:42:02 1997
7. Physics: Does Graviton Density Relate to How Much Space Is Curved?, Dan Ketchum, grad (non-science) Sun May 22 18:46:09 2005
8. Earth Sciences: Re: Where can I find information about etchings on the ground? , Carol Stein, , geology/geochemistry, Gannett Fleming, Inc. Tue Mar 13 16:49:51 2001


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