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1. Zoology: Re: Do dogs have a perception of time?, Deborah Ader, Faculty, Psychiatry and Medical and Clinical Psychology, USUHS Fri Jan 28 09:41:34 2000
2. General Biology: Re: what causes random itching when no specific illness or iritation is present, Linda J. Weyandt MD/CRNA, Grad student, Psychology/, North Central University Sun Mar 5 14:06:50 2000
3. Physics: Precisely what energy(ies) are being converted to light in a light bulb?, Dana, teacher/prof Sun Aug 7 06:17:53 2005
4. Microbiology: Re: The chemistry behind transformation, Matthew Champion, Grad student, Biochemistry/Biophysics Texas A&M University Wed Oct 11 13:18:01 2000
5. Immunology: Re: What is the role of apoptosis in the thymus?, Art Anderson, Senior Scientist in Immunology and Pathology at USAMRIID Fri Mar 16 15:49:42 2001


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