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1. Botany: Re: What chemicals are needed in the vitrification process of plant tissue?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Tue Sep 26 09:49:44 2006
2. Botany: Re: why are plants important to the human race?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Sun Jan 27 18:41:23 2002
3. Physics: Re: Wormholes, David Barlow, Private individual. Educated in Astrophysics/Cosmology works with computers. Thu Sep 10 17:21:54 1998
4. Chemistry: Re: How does placing a glass of water on salt prevent condensation?, John Christie, Faculty, School of Chemistry, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia Sun May 10 17:33:12 1998
5. General Biology: Re: Can a fertilized egg(human being's) be considered as a human being?, Art Anderson, Senior Scientist in Immunology and Pathology at USAMRIID Mon Oct 1 11:19:34 2007
6. : No subject, ,
7. Neuroscience: Re: Is the brain really 'wrinkled?', john young, Faculty, Anatomy, Howard University Thu Jul 19 13:38:34 2007
8. Microbiology: Re: Plants sensitive to Agrobacterium tumefaciens? Substances to treat c. gall?, Chris Yost, PhD Microbiology Thu Oct 26 00:00:34 2000
9. Molecular Biology: Re: Separation techniques including electrophoresis, Chris Neale, Undergraduate, Biology, University of Waterloo Wed Oct 4 13:44:52 2000
10. Microbiology: Re: how rapidly do rad genes repair uv damage in coliform bacteria?, Chris Yost, PhD Microbiology Wed Jun 30 13:58:08 1999
11. Chemistry: Re: where can i find valid info on triboluminescense? Does any on know about it, John Christie, Faculty, School of Chemistry, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia Wed Apr 8 00:14:50 1998
12. Earth Sciences: Re: black sand why does it not go rusty from the salt sea water, John Christie, Faculty, Dept. of Chemistry, Thu Nov 4 19:34:11 2004
13. General Biology: Re: can life be created in the lab, Dave Williams, Science Department Chair, Valencia Community College Sun Jan 4 18:41:44 2004
14. : No subject, ,
15. Chemistry: Re: Chemical formula for common gasoline, Chris Kaiser, Process Engineer, Anvil Corporation Tue Apr 10 11:35:33 2001
16. Zoology: Re: In the fall why are the male mallards (drakes) half brown and half green?, June M. Wingert , RM(NRM),Associate Scientist Tue Dec 4 19:42:01 2001
17. Physics: Re: Is the Peltier effect the most efficient way to convert heat to electricity, Michael L. Roginsky, Staff, Avionics, Honeywell Defense Avionics Fri Feb 2 19:37:48 2001
18. Science History: Re: How was sodium bicarbonate discovered?, Chris Fellows, Post-doc/Fellow, Chemistry, University of Sydney Wed Nov 29 22:55:27 2000
19. Medicine: Re: The helix form of excreted fluids., Chris Rose, Grad student, PhD, Medical Image Processing (Mammography), Manchester University Wed Feb 28 14:33:42 2001