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1. Genetics: Re: is it possible to find enlarge an insect by a gene, Paul Nagami, Undergraduate, Biology, California Institute of Technology Thu Nov 10 00:08:48 2005
2. Cell Biology: Re: can the ingredients in deoderant cause breast cancer?, Christopher Ward, Post-doc/Fellow, Cancer Studies/gene therapy, University of Birmingham Tue Sep 26 05:32:09 2000
3. Genetics: Re: How is Chemistry used in Genetic Engineering?, Eric Biddinger, Grad Student, Horticulture, Penn State University Tue Feb 17 14:05:09 1998
4. Engineering: What is the PEL of JP5, Jet Fuel?, Christopher J. Monetta, undergrad Wed May 12 14:37:44 1999
5. Immunology: Re: Are antibodies from mother to fetus treated as 'non-self'/ foreign ?, Christopher J. Bassett, MD, M.D., Pediatrics, UT College of Medicine, Chattanooga Wed Mar 15 01:12:53 2000
6. Physics: Is it true that movement is matter?, Christopher Allison, 4-6 Mon May 1 19:01:46 2000
7. Chemistry: Re: Define a Chlorine Solution., Christopher e. Elhardt, Staff, Water Utility, City of Waco Water Utility Laboratory Fri Mar 24 16:52:33 2000
8. Physics: Re: Pendulum: What is relationship of the T^2 vs. length?, Chris Seaman, Staff, Electrical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Alcoa Technical Center Fri Jan 3 13:34:15 2003
9. Chemistry: Re: Calver II indicator, Is there another name ,How to locate?, Christopher e. Elhardt, Staff, Water Utility, City of Waco Water Utility Laboratory Tue Oct 26 15:41:19 1999
10. Evolution : RE: How did we get our big brains?, Brad Keele, Grad student Neuroscience Graduate Program Tue Jun 25 08:50:29 1996
11. Genetics: Re: What causes Llamas to be born with one blue eye?, Christopher Carlson, Grad student Genetics Fri May 28 17:14:53 1999
12. Earth Sciences: how far do weather systems travel?, Christopher Parks, Thu May 7 11:39:54 1998
13. Chemistry: Re: How are solid lubricants (fluronated and non-fluronated H-C waxes) made?, Christopher Haslego, , B.S. Chemical Engineering, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation America Sat Sep 5 08:15:08 1998
14. Physics: How can I create a stream of plasma at ambient pressure, that glows?, Rion Motley, undergrad Mon Apr 17 23:10:33 2000
15. Genetics: Re: Can DNA test for heritage?, Brian Foley, Post-doc/Fellow Molecular Genetics Fri May 3 11:15:59 2002
16. Genetics: Re: Is being left or right handed linked to genentics ?, Christopher Carlson, Grad student Genetics Mon Jan 12 17:58:43 1998
17. Other: Re: Why isn't there a leap year every 100 years, Tom Cull, Staff, Clinical Sciences MR Division, Picker International Fri Jan 15 12:10:36 1999
18. General Biology: Re: What do mosquitos eat?, Chris Reigstad, Grad student, Molecular Biology and Pharmacology, Washington University in St. Louis Mon Dec 1 10:36:47 2003
19. Chemistry: Re: Do home water filters remove flouride from tap water? , Christopher e. Elhardt, Staff, Water Utility, City of Waco Water Utility Laboratory Mon Sep 17 16:37:57 2001
20. Genetics: Re: Would it be possible if my children have green, blue or light eyes?, Christopher Carlson, Senior Fellow, Dept. of Molecular Biotechnology Wed Nov 26 18:45:02 2003
21. Engineering: How is siphoning, used in France, better than regular tide power?, William G. Christopher II , 4-6 Tue May 11 11:07:37 1999
22. Physics: Re: Does special relativity imply that mass increases with increasing temperature?, Andreas Kieron P. Bender, Grad student, Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin Thu Jun 22 15:23:04 2000
23. Chemistry: Re: How does the shape of an ice cube affect how fast it melts?, Christopher Wilson, Staff, R&D, Cooper Vision Fri Jan 11 08:20:00 2002
24. Genetics: Re: What is the ratio between Dominant and Recessive genes?, Christopher Carlson, Grad student Genetics Wed May 24 01:38:12 2000
25. Engineering: Re: Is there an optically clear,liquid which will not conduct electricity, Chris Seaman, Tue Feb 8 11:20:53 2000


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