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1. Zoology: Do pigeons migrate? Are there certain types that do and don't?, Nathan Allen Wells, 7-9 Sun Apr 5 19:14:56 1998
2. Astronomy: Re: Can objects be teleported with the use of a wormhole?, Phillip Henry, Staff, Physics, Lockheed Martin & Florida Tech Fri May 18 17:49:15 2012
3. Science History: Re: How are elements different for alchemy and chemistry?, Dr. Nathan Allen, , Alchemy, International Alchemy Guild Tue Jan 24 19:01:00 2006
4. Physics: Re: What is the smallest possible average particle size for a powdered solid?, Werner Sieber, Research Scientist, Tue May 25 08:43:41 2010
5. Medicine: Re: Is there any research on whether prayer works?, Linda J. Weyandt MD/CRNA, Grad student, Psychology/, North Central University Wed Oct 20 14:38:50 1999
6. Astronomy : Re: In outer spac where there is no gravity, will two magnets attract?, David Barlow, Private individual, Grad education in Physics/Astrophysics and Comp. Support Sun Feb 2 23:58:07 1997
7. Earth Sciences: Re: How do scientists know what the world looked like 195,000,000 years ago?, David Smith, Director of Professional Development Tue Sep 19 12:14:16 2006


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