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1. General Biology: Re: Does slug reproduction depend on photoperiod? , Allison J. Gong, Lecturer/researcher Tue Dec 2 13:48:19 2003
2. Astronomy: Re: How big are stars?, Irene Little, Faculty, CASA, University of Colorado Thu May 3 11:12:47 2001
3. Medicine: Re: DOES YELLOW 5 LOWER SPERM COUNT, Frederick Sweet, Ph.D., Professor, Ob-Gyn, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis MO Fri May 23 15:47:23 2003
4. Zoology: Re: how many stomachs does a whitetail deer have, Brian Self, Secondary School Teacher, Physics, Sherman High School Thu Sep 23 10:20:30 1999
5. Physics : Re: I need input on practical experiements using holography., Adrian Popa, Staff Optical/Microwave Physics Thu Jul 3 18:51:54 1997
6. Physics : Re: image resolution limits, Adrian Popa, Staff Optical/Microwave Physics Wed May 21 15:00:24 1997
7. Neuroscience: Re: Can a person train their brain?, Tom Stickel, Grad student, Optometry, Indiana University School of Optometry Tue Jan 11 11:43:53 2000
8. General Biology: Re: Can there be aliens, they are just invisible to our eyes?, Billy Carver, Grad student, Biomedical Sciences, Vanderbilt University Sun Feb 15 13:07:32 2009
9. Genetics: Re: Why do identical twins have different sounding voices?, Ian WHITE, Lecturer in Biology (Has taught science to students from 11-19 yrs) Mon Jul 10 21:08:40 2006
10. Astronomy: Re: What if... the Earth orbited a 1.5 solar mass star ?, Jay H. Hartley, Post-doctoral physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab Sat Sep 5 16:37:31 1998
11. General Biology: Re: what causes random itching when no specific illness or iritation is present, Linda J. Weyandt MD/CRNA, Grad student, Psychology/, North Central University Sun Mar 5 14:06:50 2000
12. General Biology: Re: Drinking Coca-cola affects the calcium intake in the human/mammalian body?, Howard Stacey, Staff, Pharmacology, Webster-netwizzard Tue Aug 8 00:18:54 2000
13. Physics: Re: Why isn't violet cooler than red since it reflect more energy?, Jeff Robertson, Associate Professor of Astrophysics Thu Dec 5 09:46:32 2002
14. Astronomy: No subject, MadSci Admin, K-3 (age 5-7)
15. Physics: Re: Did NEC-Princeton Labs conduct an experiment showing light to travel FTL?, Adrian Popa, Director Emeritus, Hughes Research Laboratories Sun Mar 18 23:37:43 2001
16. Biochemistry: Re: The Effect Of Temperature On Enzymes, Ian WHITE, Secondary School Teacher, Biology 11-19, Godalming College Tue Nov 25 06:21:28 2003
17. Anatomy: Re: What tissue repair processes causes blistering after sunburn?, Ian WHITE, Lecturer in Biology (Has taught science to students from 11-19 yrs) Tue Oct 18 21:49:48 2005
18. Chemistry: Why did tempera paint and Kool-Aid react?, Annie, K-3 Thu Apr 4 18:27:58 2002
19. Astronomy: Re: Relativistic velocities of electrons and the formation of Neutron stars, Joseph Lazio, Radio Astronomer Sun Feb 15 12:42:05 2004
20. Science History: Re: How was the paint made that was used in the temples and tumbs in Egypt?, Todd Whitcombe, Faculty, Chemistry, University of Northern British Columbia Thu Apr 29 11:56:31 1999
21. Genetics : Re: How did the male pattern baldness gene come to be?, robert deyes, Grad student Medical Genetics Sat Aug 2 09:46:10 1997
22. Medicine: Re: In throat mucous, what is the significance of yellow, green orbrown color?, Bruce Lobitz, M.D., Emergency Physician Wed Oct 27 19:00:35 1999
23. Medicine: Re: Why does scar tissue slowly disappear?, Michael Martin-Smith, Other (pls. specify below), Family Physician, Fellow,BIS, amateur astronomer( BAA), British Interplanetary Society Fri Jul 31 06:37:18 1998
24. Zoology: Re: i found a hard-shelled spider. black on bottom/whitespecks top hockeymask, , David Richman, Staff, Entomology Wed Oct 4 16:20:58 2000
25. Neuroscience: Re: Does testing people's reaction time, are people trained to respond faster?, joshua rodefer, Post-doc/Fellow, behavioral biology, harvard medical school-nerprc Fri Feb 5 15:37:20 1999


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