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1. Chemistry: Why does milk boil over so quickly?, Jo Hayward, grad (science) Tue Sep 23 05:31:37 2003
2. Physics: Re: Mathematical definition of a 'Rattleback'?, Jo Hayward, Undergraduate Physics, Imperial College, London Mon Mar 15 11:32:53 1999
3. Physics: Re: unattainable speed of light?, Jo Hayward, Undergraduate Physics, Imperial College, London Wed Mar 3 15:09:50 1999
4. Neuroscience: How can we enhance the intelligence of our children? Genius children?, John Kilgour, undergrad Sun Nov 7 23:02:51 1999
5. Physics: Re: Is the infinity theorum correct when related to the decimal system?, Jo Hayward, Undergraduate Physics Fri Nov 19 09:15:11 1999
6. Immunology: Why can't antibodies against HIV defeat the virus?, John Kilgour Jr., undergrad Sun Nov 7 23:19:04 1999
7. Physics: Re: Is there any way of stopping the thermal expansion of mercury., David Ellis, Researcher, NASA Glenn Research Center Tue Apr 11 07:56:20 2006
8. Earth Sciences: Re: Why don't strong earthquakes trigger other earthquakes?, Irene Zananiri, Grad student, Department of Geophysics & Seismology , Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Mon Jun 26 04:21:01 2000
9. Neuroscience: Re: What part of the brain decreases in the number of cells after age 20? , John Morenski, M.D., Division of Neurosurgery, Division of Neurosurgery-University of Missouri-Columbia Tue May 8 02:36:24 2001
10. Physics: Re: At what rate does water freeze relative to air temperature?, Jo Hayward, Undergraduate Physics Tue Oct 19 10:38:01 1999
11. Physics: Re: What is the speed of an atom of nitrogen in an every-day room?, Jo Hayward, Undergraduate Physics, Imperial College, London Wed Mar 24 18:44:21 1999
12. Chemistry: Re: Is there a substitute for indophenol to test for presence of Vit. C?, Ken Johnsen, MadSci Admin Tue Nov 3 16:31:34 1998
13. Physics: Re: If gravity pulls everything the same, why don't things with different masses weigh the same?, Jo Hayward, Undergraduate Physics, Imperial College, London Wed Apr 21 14:45:33 1999
14. Physics: Re: What forces affect a ball bearing in jelly?, Jo Hayward, Undergraduate Physics Mon Dec 6 07:38:49 1999


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