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1. Medicine: Re: Is Lou Gehrig's Disease hereditary?, A.E., Undergraduate, Cell biology and genetics, University of British Columbia Fri Apr 7 13:56:38 2000
2. Neuroscience: Re: What happens biochemically to an organism during drug withrawl?, Alexander Craig, Grad student, Physiology/Neurobiology, University of Freiburg Fri Jun 19 10:12:26 1998
3. Physics: Re: Young's Modulus of a typical classroom wooden metre rule?, David Ellis, Researcher, NASA Glenn Research Center Thu Jul 31 08:02:30 2008
4. : No subject, ,
5. Zoology: Re: What is the worlds largest fish, , graduate student, Developmental Biology, Washington University Mon Aug 16 17:54:37 1999
6. Evolution: Re: How can Evolution work against the natural laws of the universe?, John Archer, Staff, Flora of Missouri Project - Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Botanical Garden -Research Division Tue Jun 19 15:15:51 2001
7. Earth Sciences: Re: Is there a map that would explain where in Australia gemstones are found?, John Christie, Faculty, Dept. of Chemistry, Mon Sep 20 18:14:23 2004
8. Earth Sciences: Re: Does a tornado (not TStorm) create electricity/lightning? If so, why?, William Beaty, Electrical Engineer / Physics explainer / K-6 science textbook content provider Sat Jun 27 20:19:07 1998
9. Medicine: Re: i would like to know if the use of marijuana affects the sperm count. , Thiam Hock, Tan, Secondary School Teacher, Science, Dunman High School Sat Mar 3 09:59:05 2001
10. Evolution: Re: Has there ever been a Total Extinction Event?, David Kopaska-Merkel, Staff Hydrogeology Division, Geological Survey of Alabama Fri Oct 13 09:51:31 2000
11. : No subject, ,
12. Physics: Re: Did NEC-Princeton Labs conduct an experiment showing light to travel FTL?, Adrian Popa, Director Emeritus, Hughes Research Laboratories Sun Mar 18 23:37:43 2001
13. Botany: Re: Would placing seeds in a magnetic field before planting affect their germination and growth?, Dennis Lukashin, , Biology, Rutgers University Tue Jan 11 16:09:58 2000
14. Astronomy: Was curious as to whether it is possible to 'warp' space?, John Pope Jr, undergrad Mon Aug 30 19:45:07 1999
15. Earth Sciences: Re: Are there really Super Volcanoes? , Eder Molina, Researcher PhD, Dept. of Geophysics, Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics - USP Thu Oct 26 14:59:03 2000
16. Engineering: Re: How does iron in reinforced glass help make the glass stronger?, David Ellis, Researcher, NASA Lewis Research Center Mon Jan 11 09:50:49 1999
17. Physics: Re: Whatever became of this gravity shielding experiment?, Layne Johnson, Undergraduate Tue Sep 7 18:15:49 1999
18. Neuroscience: Re: What is the explanation for feeling pressure prior to falling asleep?, Chris Atherton, Grad student Sun Mar 18 20:11:05 2001
19. Physics: Re: How to find the Magnetic Monopoles ?, John Link, Senior Staff Physicist Fri Dec 16 14:35:41 2005
20. Cell Biology: Re: Is the pigment in beetroot cells, anthocyanin or betalain?, John Archer, Staff, Flora of Missouri Project - Missouri Department of Conservation, Missouri Botanical Garden -Research Division Wed Nov 14 21:46:27 2001
21. Physics: Re: What happens in neutrino antineutrino annihilation ?, Samuel Silverstein, Lecturer in physics Mon Oct 16 11:30:47 2006
22. Chemistry : Re: What uses could be found for new stable period 7 elements?, John Haberman, Space Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Center, Greenbelt MD Wed Nov 5 16:37:04 1997
23. General Biology: Re: Are worms and ants 'naatural enemies', John Carlson, Medical student, MD/PhD (parasitology) , Tulane University, School of Medicine Thu Mar 11 10:26:51 1999
24. Biophysics: Re: What do astronauts experience during launch?, David Ellis, Researcher, NASA Glenn Research Center Wed Mar 7 09:50:19 2007