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1. Engineering: I am doing an underwater city project and do you know anything about that?, Cassie, 4-6 Fri Nov 3 08:43:02 2006
2. Chemistry: Re: What is the best material to use to make a bag that will dissolve in water, Ken Johnsen, MadSci Admin Wed Feb 3 22:13:06 1999
3. Chemistry: How does detergent reduce the surface tension of water?, John Grimes, 10-12 Thu May 4 20:27:46 2000
4. Neuroscience: Re: Can a person train their brain?, Tom Stickel, Grad student, Optometry, Indiana University School of Optometry Tue Jan 11 11:43:53 2000
5. Physics: Re: how does a tire keep a car off the ground?, John Link, Physics Wed Feb 23 12:31:36 2000
6. Chemistry: Is there an upper limit to how much champagne can explode out of the bottle, John Callahan, grad (science) Wed Nov 25 09:59:05 1998
7. Engineering: Re: effect of cold on incandescnet light bulbs, William Beaty, Electrical Engineer / Physics explainer / K-6 science textbook content provider Mon Jan 18 03:10:13 1999
8. Chemistry: Re: I'm doing electrolysis using NaOH as my electrolyte..., John Christie, Faculty, Dept. of Chemistry, Thu Jul 29 18:14:15 2004
9. Earth Sciences: Re: black sand why does it not go rusty from the salt sea water, John Christie, Faculty, Dept. of Chemistry, Thu Nov 4 19:34:11 2004
10. Chemistry: Re: How can I detect a specific amount of hydrofluoric acid in solution?, James Griepenburg, , Chemical consultant, Chemmet Services Wed Jan 28 12:23:41 2009
11. Physics: Re: if 'honey I shrunk the kids' was possible would the kids wieght remain., John Link, Senior Staff Physicist Tue Feb 19 07:25:16 2008
12. Astronomy: Re: Can you use an asteroid as a spaceship?, John W. Weiss, Grad Student in Planetary Science Fri Feb 15 11:43:36 2002
13. Physics: Re: A problem with theHeisenberg uncertainty principle, Dwayne Rosenburgh, Senior Electronic Engineer Sat Aug 30 15:03:23 2003
14. Physics: Electrooptically changing refractive index- what is Max %? , John, grad (science) Mon Sep 20 16:11:15 2004
15. Physics: Re: How are colors like green-blue reflected if they are not in the rainbow?, John Link, Physics Sat Mar 11 08:52:20 2000
16. Physics: Re: What happens to an atom if the electrons are stopped, Juan Roberto Perilla, Grad student, Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University Tue Aug 9 13:47:35 2005
17. Physics: Re: What is (sin t)^2 equal to?, John Link, Senior Staff Physicist Tue Jan 29 15:36:56 2008
18. Astronomy: Re: Why does gravity slow time?, John Link, Physics Mon Mar 20 19:07:01 2000
19. Earth Sciences: Re: How can you measure the max speed each day using a home made anemometer, John Christie, MadSci Admin Sun Feb 6 16:04:57 2000
20. Chemistry: What metals would make the best electrod, chris morales, 7-9 Mon Feb 8 10:59:58 1999
21. Astronomy: Re: Are Sedna and Quaoar two new planets?, John W. Weiss, Grad Student in Planetary Science Tue Jun 8 12:00:46 2004
22. Medicine: Re: what are signals that induce broken heart syndrome?, Jens Peter Bork, M.D., Internal Medicine, Erlangen University Hospital Sun Mar 13 18:39:10 2005
23. Chemistry: VRD - electrical charges, specific mechanics, John, No grade entered. Fri May 12 19:09:56 2000
24. Computer Science: Re: how pure is the gold used for the small wires inside microchips., Karl Kolbus, Staff, Data processing, Mequon Consulting Corp. Fri Jul 7 09:17:46 2000
25. Physics: Re: Why does light reflected from a cylindrical object project a 'heart' shape?, John Link, Senior Staff Physicist Tue Aug 28 17:36:46 2007


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