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1. Zoology: Re: what is the average salary of a biological oceanographer?, Eric Maass, Director, semiconductors / communication products Sat Apr 20 13:10:28 2002
2. Genetics: Re: What happened in human history to make O blood dominant in our society?, Steve Mack, Post-doc/Fellow, Molecular and Cell Biology Thu Oct 23 21:48:54 2003
3. Physics: Tangential Velocity and Force of gravity effects, Jon, 10-12 Wed Aug 19 11:33:04 1998
4. Astronomy: Effects of planets on stars, Jon , 10-12 Thu Aug 20 22:33:25 1998
5. Medicine: Re: What causes a habit, and how we can get rid of it ,like bitting nails?, Linda J. Weyandt MD/CRNA, Grad student, Psychology/, North Central University Sat Apr 15 13:43:57 2000
6. Earth Sciences: Re: Why don't Earth Quakes happen in the Northern and Southern partsofthe world, David Smith, Faculty Geology, Environmental Science Tue Jan 19 13:18:25 1999
7. Earth Sciences: Re: How do scientists know what the world looked like 195,000,000 years ago?, David Smith, Director of Professional Development Tue Sep 19 12:14:16 2006
8. Genetics: Re: What exactly is crossing over and how is it used to determine chromosome sequence?, Wayde Weston, Clinical Research Scientist, Smith Kline Beecham Wed Jul 5 21:27:24 2000
9. Neuroscience: Re: what is the precise effect of reuptake inhibitors on synaptic transmission?, Amanda Kahn, Grad student, neuroscience, UCSF Tue Dec 5 23:23:09 2000
10. Neuroscience: Re: Does Daydreaming Occur in the Visual Cortex?, Lane Niles, Ph.D., President and Chief Science Officer Mon Sep 6 16:47:48 2010
11. Science History: Re: one use of radioactive isotope in science, Everett Rubel, Degree in Physics Sun Oct 7 10:02:20 2001


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