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1. Physics: Re: How does a desktop fan work, Judith E. Bush, Wed Aug 18 09:32:51 1999
2. Computer Science: Re: Can atoms be moved through a solid conductor and be routed?, Judith E. Bush, Wed Sep 22 13:13:55 1999
3. Physics: Re: What does the p in momentum stand for and what does it mean?, Judith E. Bush, Mon Dec 13 11:26:08 1999
4. Physics: Re: Why is it easier to pull than to push?, Judith E. Bush, Thu Nov 4 08:14:19 1999
5. Physics: Re: Why does a TV screen at night seem to glow right after you turn it off??, Judith E. Bush, Wed Dec 8 15:31:58 1999
6. Physics: Re: how come there are so many parts of atoms? , Judith E. Bush, Thu Dec 16 16:08:12 1999


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