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1. Chemistry: Re: Non toxic glow in the dark material to add to bubble solution, Keith Allison, , dept: New Product, Technology & Development, Binney & Smith, Inc. (Crayola) Wed Oct 18 14:51:12 2000
2. Chemistry: Re: can you throw acid neutralised away without causing any damage, Harry Adam, Research Associate, Research Division, Kodak Limited Sat Nov 27 11:11:08 1999
3. Chemistry: Re: how does manganese dioxide increase the decomposition hydrogen peroxide, Ewen McLaughlin, Lecturer, Chemistry, Swansea College Wed Jan 28 09:39:53 2015
4. Chemistry: Re: What is the reaction that fills an automobile airbag?, Adrian Popa, Directors Office, Hughes Research Laboratories Mon Aug 9 17:08:50 1999
5. Medicine: Re: Pickles for the heart., Elizabeth Kunkel, Faculty, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Clemson University Wed Oct 13 16:04:11 1999
6. Molecular Biology: Re: what happens to DNA when it is subjected to pH-1 from pH-7?, Dr. Jim Caryl, Research Scientist Mon Oct 4 12:51:56 2004
7. Chemistry: Re: Which chemical will disolve steel? , Joseph Weeks, President, Thermal Products, Inc. Mon Jan 3 11:31:16 2000
8. Cell Biology: Re: how does membrane structure help in the synthesis of ATP in photosynthesis, Michael Maguire, Faculty,Case Western Reserve Univ. Fri May 14 15:29:06 1999
9. Engineering: Re: How does a windmill make energy?, Kali, Staff Wind energy research program Fri Oct 22 19:43:24 1999
10. Environment & Ecology: Re: Fish Urea Output and Ammonia Solution Concentration Levels, Aquaria, Eli Hestermann, Guest Investigator Wed Nov 15 04:13:44 2000
11. Biochemistry: Are there selective permeable membranes that only alow water to pass?, Forest Nelson, 10-12 Wed Oct 25 16:15:16 2006
12. Medicine: Re: What would cause human urine to be cloudy., William M. Rich, MD faculty,Univ. Med. Ctr Wed Jan 10 19:27:12 2001
13. Environment & Ecology: making samples to test for pH and Alkalinity, No name entered., undergrad Tue Aug 1 20:29:46 2000
14. Earth Sciences: Re: How is the acidity and temp. of lakes affected by the weather conditions?, Anna Steding, Grad student, Ecological Engineering, University of California/Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Sun Apr 18 01:50:54 1999
15. General Biology: Re: How does biuret reagent cause a color change with proteins?, Steve Mack, Post-doc/Fellow, Molecular and Cell Biology Mon Dec 6 02:16:44 2004
16. Biochemistry: Re: How does fulvic acid affect the body?, Peter E. Hughes, Ph. D. Biochemistry, Faculty, Biochemistry, Mon Mar 18 19:03:26 2013
17. Physics: Re: Alkaline vs NiMH batteries in electronic products, Joseph Weeks, President Fri Apr 25 18:09:27 2003
18. Chemistry: How does it work, the tester included in many alkaline batteries ?, Victor Leopoldo Porras Miraval, teacher/prof Tue Nov 24 20:46:17 1998
19. Physics: Re: internal resistance of battery using voltmeter, Madhu Siddalingaiah, Physicist, author, consultant Sun Nov 2 11:25:50 2003
20. Chemistry: Re: How do acids function in a battery?, Elsa Lee, Grad student, Molecular Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley Tue Jan 15 13:22:58 2002
21. Chemistry: Re: What are some house hold chemicals that could be u, Harry Adam, Research Associate, Research Division, Kodak Limited Thu Apr 11 16:36:13 2002
22. Chemistry: Re: What is a chemical equation for hair relaxers, Steve Mack, Associate Staff Scientist Mon Dec 14 23:40:26 2009
23. Earth Sciences: Are plants a viable option to solve global warming?, diego, 10-12 Tue Apr 24 09:51:19 2007
24. Astronomy: If an asteriod hit the earth..., Amanda, 10-12 Sun May 10 06:35:23 1998
25. Cell Biology: pH and the cell membrane, Rosie, 10-12 Fri Feb 18 18:58:33 2005


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