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1. Anatomy: Re: What daily activities raise our pulse?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Thu Jul 29 13:46:15 2010
2. Science History: Re: What is the history of the rocket NOZZLE?, Kevin Reed, Engineer, Mon Jan 3 22:38:12 2000
3. General Biology: Re: why is it that breathing oxygen is good but breathing ozone is bad for us, Kevin Reed, Engineer Tue Jun 13 22:14:33 2006
4. Physics : Re: What is the optimum temperature for a hair dryer?, Kevin Reed, Engineer, None, Fri Sep 5 18:14:05 1997
5. Genetics: Re: Using Genitic engineering/before birth/decide persons blood type, Doug Reed, Faculty, Toxinology & Aerobiology, USAMRIID Wed Nov 14 12:52:39 2001
6. Physics: Re: Where would I find the book 'Rocket Design Fundamentals' by Sutton and Ross, Kevin Reed, Engineer Wed Jun 29 10:05:25 2005
7. Engineering: Re: Using carbon dioxide for the propulsion of model rockets, Kevin Reed, Engineer, Sun Oct 25 13:39:40 1998
8. Anatomy: Re: Counteracting Atrophy in Low Gravity with Heavy Suits, Kevin Reed, Engineer, Fri Jul 31 13:00:33 1998
9. General Biology: Re: What makes a given gas at a specific inspired partial pressure poisonous?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Mon Nov 26 21:51:21 2007
10. General Biology: Re: Can a magnet damage your heart?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Sun Aug 17 12:29:14 2008
11. Biophysics: Re: what kind of depressurization could people survive on an airplane?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Fri Dec 26 12:27:18 2008
12. General Biology: Re: Effects of alrenate nostril breathing, Kevin Reed, Engineer Mon Nov 24 17:02:35 2003
13. General Biology: Re: How long does UVA protection from sunscreen last?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Sun Jul 19 21:20:13 2009
14. General Biology: Re: why do locusts have more power when they jump than humans?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Wed Nov 30 23:09:31 2005
15. Neuroscience: Re: is it impossible to not hear?, Kevin Caldwell, Faculty, Neurosciences, University of New Mexico Wed Apr 11 17:30:11 2001
16. Medicine: Re: what can affect someone's lung capacity, Kevin Reed, Engineer Thu Mar 20 20:52:19 2014
17. Engineering: Re: If an MRI has double antenna's, can it generate double images in one scan?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Fri Aug 5 11:09:12 2011
18. Biophysics: Re: which provides greater protection a hard or soft body structure?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Mon Dec 5 07:15:41 2011
19. Physics: Re: What makes a magnet strong? How is it that a small magnet can have greater , Kevin Reed, Engineer, None, Sat Feb 21 20:57:23 1998
20. Science History: Re: Why wankel engine is not famous?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Tue Jan 25 14:41:09 2005
21. Medicine: Re: How long do you have to be in college if you want to become a dental hygienist?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Mon May 16 17:32:18 2005
22. Anatomy: Re: Why do blood pressure taken mostly on the left arm., Kevin Reed, Engineer Wed Sep 8 16:09:17 2004
23. Medicine: Re: why people usually go to the dentist when it is too late to do anything?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Wed Jan 28 07:47:18 2009
24. Biophysics: Re: What is the voltage/current of the output of a human eye?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Wed Mar 30 19:09:15 2011
25. Engineering: Re: What are the differences between Pentium I, Pentium II & Pentium III?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Mon Jun 26 22:25:42 2000


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