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1. Zoology: Re: Are dogs more intelligent than cats , Eva Kahnt, Staff, Veterinary clinical chemistry, Laboklin Tue Oct 31 13:41:26 2000
2. Astronomy: Re: What MPH to fly 10 miles above the earth aligned with the sun?, Shel Randall, System Consultant Fri Feb 22 17:54:38 2002
3. Medicine : Re: Is inhaled cigar smoke as deadly as inhaled cigarette smoke?, David Ng, PhD Student, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences Sat Mar 29 18:04:33 1997
4. Environment & Ecology: Re: How can I keep armidilos from digging up my lawn?, Mark Madachik, PD, Heartland Farm/Nursery Thu Nov 16 17:21:45 2000
5. Physics: Does antibacterial soap kill bacteria? If not what does is do?, Vanessa Collins, undergrad Thu Mar 26 20:34:05 1998
6. Astronomy: Re: What stars/planets do I see in the S. East and S. West night sky?, Lew Gramer, MIT S.B. Math (Theoretical) Wed Feb 9 12:32:35 2000
7. General Biology: Re: The mechanics of a miracle, Dan Berger, Faculty Chemistry/Science, Bluffton College Wed Jan 14 15:39:20 2004
8. Astronomy: Re: Where would you have to be standing on the Earth for it to appear that the , Lew Gramer, MIT S.B. Math (Theoretical) Mon Jun 2 12:15:58 2003
9. Other: Re: Why isn't there a leap year every 100 years, Tom Cull, Staff, Clinical Sciences MR Division, Picker International Fri Jan 15 12:10:36 1999
10. Earth Sciences: Re: What causes some tides to be 'plus tides' or 'minus tides?', Rob Campbell, Ph.D Candidate, Oceanography, University of British Columbia Sun Apr 7 15:57:21 2002
11. Botany: Would a plant grow inside easier than it would outside?, Matthew, 7-9 Sat Feb 28 14:27:08 2009
12. Astronomy: Re: what happen on 05/05/2000? , Joseph Lazio, MadSci Admin Mon Jul 5 06:16:41 1999
13. Physics: Re: How do you create a solar panel at home?, Marc Breen, Post-doc/Fellow, Center Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory Mon Feb 7 13:45:12 2000
14. Astronomy: Re: degrees in which the moon rises and sets, Jeff Robertson, Faculty, Physical Sciences, Arkansas Tech University Tue Aug 25 20:12:05 1998
15. Earth Sciences: Re: How is possible that Antarctica is the wettest & driest place on Earth?, Ken Harding, Science and Operations Officer Mon Jul 18 16:28:23 2005
16. Astronomy: Re: If we could travel faster than light, what colour would be around us?, Richard T. De Van, Owner, PeregrineWest Internet Publications Sun Jul 5 16:54:08 1998
17. Zoology: Re: I have a question about working with Wolves?, Janet Hoff, Staff, Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine, University of Michigan Wed Jan 15 07:02:02 2003
18. Zoology: Re: What causes a giraffe to make noise in the wild?, June M. Wingert , RM(NRM),Associate Scientist Wed Oct 10 16:39:50 2001
19. Physics: Re: Would we run faster if the wind helped us. It can deley us if itīs coming a, Tom Cull, Staff, Clinical Sciences MR Division, Marconi Medical Systems Tue Jun 19 12:08:16 2001
20. : No subject, ,
21. Astronomy: Re: All About Phoebe, John Christie, Faculty, School of Chemistry, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia Mon May 4 21:36:18 1998
22. : No subject, ,
23. Astronomy: Re: How far does the sun move across the sky in one day?, Bryan Mendez, Grad student, Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of California at Berkeley Thu May 18 05:11:05 2000
24. Neuroscience: Re: Losing brain cells, Tom Virden, Post-doc/Fellow, Psychology/Behavioral Neuroscience, Arizona State University Tue Oct 20 12:25:10 1998
25. Earth Sciences: Re: The HAARP Project, William J Bray, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Mon Oct 26 12:37:36 1998


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