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1. Astronomy: Re: a question regarding the Big Crunch, Chris Lintott, Postgrad student, AstroPhysics Sat May 29 10:33:19 2004
2. Engineering : Re: How can an ariplane fly upside down?, William Beaty, Engineer / Interactive exhibit designer Sat Aug 2 14:29:45 1997
3. Astronomy: Re: the edge of the universe and after, Steve Furlanetto, Postdoctoral Researcher Tue Jun 15 00:00:31 2004
4. Astronomy: Re: CMB - why do we see it?, Jim ODonnell, MadSci Admin Tue Aug 31 07:40:35 1999
5. Physics: Re: Using alternat universes as a medium of cheating the Big Crunch., Samuel Silverstein, faculty, physics, Stockholm University Mon Jan 3 11:37:50 2000
6. Earth Sciences: The Earth - The Floating Crust, Matt Gornal, 7-9 Tue Dec 8 23:13:21 1998
7. Astronomy: Re: Is the universe inflating beyond comprehension?, Ken Rines, Grad student, Astronomy, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Thu Mar 22 03:37:31 2001
8. Astronomy: Re: What is the shape of the universe without matter in it?, Amber Iler, Staff, Research Scientist, Veridian Systems, Inc. Wed Jan 16 10:12:25 2002
9. Physics: Re: What would happen in a state of antigravity., Pauline Barmby, grad student, Harvard University Astronomy Dept. Fri Apr 7 17:16:48 2000
10. Astronomy: Re: How are manifolds in space formed and are they a weak structure of space?, Jim ODonnell, MadSci Admin Mon Sep 6 13:19:14 1999
11. Astronomy: Re: What was the density of the plasma 300k years afte, Steven Furlanetto, Grad student, Astronomy, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Tue Mar 2 22:52:26 2004
12. Astronomy: Re: When the universe was smaller was the geometry of space closed?, Steve Furlanetto, Postdoctoral Researcher Tue Dec 21 23:47:09 2004
13. Astronomy: Re: Is Dark Matter the remnants of a previous universe?, Suzanne Willis, professor,Northern Illinois University Wed Apr 5 08:40:14 2000
14. Zoology: Re: What is the difference between an emu and an ostrich?, Matt Wright, Post-doc/Fellow, Genetics, University College London Wed Nov 15 12:25:45 2000
15. Genetics: Re: Re: What Are Heritable Personality Traits ?, Amit Agarwal, Sun Dec 3 05:50:04 2006
16. General Biology: Re: The mechanics of a miracle, Dan Berger, Faculty Chemistry/Science, Bluffton College Wed Jan 14 15:39:20 2004
17. Astronomy: Re: Big bang thought, BIG stars, Jim ODonnell, MadSci Admin Tue Aug 24 10:35:21 1999
18. Physics: Re: is acceloration involved in the expansion of the univerce?, David Barlow, Private individual, Grad education in Physics/Astrophysics and Comp. Support Wed Feb 18 03:05:51 1998
19. Physics: Re: Could antimatter be generated and seporated from a table top pulsed , Jay H. Hartley, Post-doctoral physicist, Lawrence Livermore National Lab Sat Nov 14 19:28:16 1998
20. Physics: Re: How to construct an ideal Induction coil ?, Zack Gainsforth, Undergraduate, Physics, U.C. Berkeley Mon Jan 30 22:18:02 2006
21. Astronomy: Re: Is there a universal , Ricky J. Sethi, PhD Sat Oct 16 19:46:51 1999
22. Physics: Re: would a nuetron bomb destroy buildings due to thermal stress?, Scott Kniffin, Nuclear Engineer, Orbital Sciences Corporation Mon Jan 7 14:45:16 2002
23. Physics: Re: What relation do negative energy particles have to gravity?, Samuel Silverstein, faculty, physics, Stockholm University Wed Jul 7 10:43:42 1999
24. General Biology: Various 'other' blood groups--Duffy, Kell, Lutheran, Cartwright, etc..., Jennifer, teacher/prof Sat May 27 12:22:31 2000
25. Physics: What do I do to cause a homemade electromagnet to increase metalic polarity, Steve, 10-12 Mon Jan 28 11:16:28 2002


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