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1. Astronomy: Re: How delicate is planetary gravitational balance?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Wed Sep 15 20:34:27 1999
2. Astronomy: Re: Does the Milky Way rise and set? , Max Wahrhaftig, None Sun Sep 19 09:08:34 1999
3. Astronomy: Re: About how many light years wide is the our supercluster??, Max Wahrhaftig, None Wed Oct 20 16:53:31 1999
4. Astronomy: Re: Are Solar cells are designed to last only 25 years ?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Wed Apr 5 17:35:54 2000
5. Physics: Re: What property of light allows shadows to form?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Sat May 6 13:04:50 2000
6. Physics: Re: How would astronauts lost on a flight in a distant galaxy measure time?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Wed Aug 2 11:50:21 2000
7. Astronomy: Re: Only a portion of the LM returned to the CM. Why was this method chosen?, Max Wahrhaftig, , None, Mt Olive High School Fri May 21 14:08:03 1999
8. Earth Sciences: Re: Did comets bring all the water to Earth?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Mon Oct 9 21:17:00 2000
9. Physics: Re: Did the Apollo astronauts ever take firearms to the moon? , Max Wahrhaftig, None Tue Jul 4 22:59:44 2000
10. Other: Re: How do you get rid of skunk odor under a house?, Max Wahrhaftig, , None, Mt Olive High School Wed Mar 17 17:46:33 1999
11. Astronomy: Re: Is our sun binary?, Max Wahrhaftig, , None, Mt Olive High School Mon Apr 26 19:42:28 1999
12. Astronomy: Re: Does Miranda(Uranus Moon)have lava flows?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Mon May 1 20:34:52 2000
13. Astronomy: Re: as of now what percent of the universe has been unexplored, Max Wahrhaftig, , None, Mt Olive High School Sun Mar 14 12:18:38 1999
14. Earth Sciences: Re: Could asteroids be lava bombs from other world volcanic eruptions?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Sun Dec 3 19:42:09 2000
15. Astronomy: Re: How does the sun heat the earth when space conducts no heat, Max Wahrhaftig, None Sun Oct 29 22:50:41 2000
16. Physics: Re: How exactly does a magnifying glass work?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Sat May 27 12:21:29 2000
17. Astronomy: Re: Would Jupiter's red spot appear northerly from our southern hemisphere?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Tue Jun 27 11:08:03 2000
18. Physics: Re: Questions about Space Elevators, Max Wahrhaftig, None Sun Sep 3 13:15:28 2000
19. Astronomy: Re: How will Mars colonies survive extreme temperature changes?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Mon Mar 20 20:48:54 2000
20. Physics: Re: Why can't the current space shuttle overcome the cross winds and land?, Max Wahrhaftig, None Sat Dec 9 17:46:49 2000


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