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1. Cell Biology: Re: Why does food coloring enter a potato in salt water?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Mon Dec 22 23:53:54 2008
2. Cell Biology: Re: How is it exactly that Red blood cells eject there nucleus when forming?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Sat Apr 19 16:17:00 2008
3. General Biology: Re: Can therapeutic stem cells be made from cultured stem cell lines? , Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Sun Feb 26 19:07:08 2006
4. Evolution: Re: I need to know is our mitochrondria strong enough to evolutionalize again?, Steve Mack, Post-doc/Fellow, Molecular and Cell Biology Tue May 3 14:51:07 2005
5. Development: Re: which organ develop first in a human embryo, and which the second?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Wed Mar 2 17:12:29 2005
6. General Biology: Re: Does Red light from sunlight have an impact on our skin-tone?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Wed May 2 16:41:28 2012
7. Evolution: Re: Why are sponges Animals, but colonial choanoflagellates not?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Wed Mar 23 16:19:53 2011
8. Evolution: Re: How did Therapsid develop kidney(s)?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Tue Oct 10 12:08:55 2000
9. Evolution: Re: How Long has it taken for apes to evolve into man?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Fri Feb 25 15:59:33 2000
10. Cell Biology: Re: what are centrioles made of?, Mike Klymkowsky, Faculty, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder Thu Jun 10 10:08:01 1999
11. Development: Re: Can a (live birth) mammal zygote be brought to term in a shelled egg?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Fri Aug 15 19:23:37 2003
12. Development: Re: what causes certain eggs to have a double yoke, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Mon Feb 24 20:19:19 2003
13. Cell Biology: Re: Are mature cells in the body able to make copies of themselves?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Sun Jun 12 15:20:37 2005
14. Cell Biology: Re: What is the difference between sperm production and pollen production? , Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Tue Oct 19 21:14:17 2004
15. Anatomy: Re: How do cells in the renal medulla tolerate such high osmolarity?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Mon Aug 9 18:14:33 2004
16. Development: Re: Question about the initial stages of cells division and differentiation., Mike Klymkowsky, Faculty, Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder Tue Aug 11 14:55:21 1998
17. Development: Re: What if you decrease thyroid secretions(responsible for metamorphosis) ?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Thu May 23 15:40:33 2013
18. Evolution: Re: How would we be different if humans had evolved Cold blood rather than warm, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Mon Aug 2 16:00:13 2010
19. Evolution: Re: Can dinosaurs re-evolve from crocodiles or other reptiles?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Thu Jun 8 20:38:40 2006
20. Development: Re: Can a reptile be birthed by a mammal, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Tue May 2 16:59:40 2000
21. Cell Biology: Re: how the different organelles of the egg cell work 2gether to make the cell., Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Thu Oct 11 19:58:21 2007
22. Zoology: Re: why do lizards have only three chambers in their heart?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Sat Feb 7 11:58:50 2004
23. Development: Re: Face growth with time, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Sun Apr 21 12:34:57 2013
24. Evolution: Re: why are the lengths of the fingers on the human hand different?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Mon Jul 14 12:09:55 2003
25. Evolution: Re: A comb as common ancestor for bilateralia and radiata?, Mike Klymkowsky, Professor Tue Apr 2 08:05:56 2013


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