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1. Physics: Re: What do isobars look like in a hydrostatic medium(say a pool)?, Stephen Murray, Physicist Wed Oct 25 13:50:55 2000
2. Chemistry: Re: what is the elemental composition of life, universe, and earth?, John Christie, Faculty, Dept. of Chemistry, Sat Aug 9 17:46:23 2003
3. Physics: Re: Is there a sound barrier under water and are the effects the same as in air, Stephen Murray, Physicist Thu Feb 10 13:01:58 2000
4. Physics: Re: Computer simulation [algorthym ] of the doppler effect for sound? , Stephen Murray, Physicist Tue Aug 24 17:03:20 1999
5. Physics: Re: Why, when a metallic object is spun, a magnetic field results?, Stephen Murray, Physicist Wed Nov 8 14:26:30 2000
6. Physics: Re: K-shell emission and x-rays, Stephen Murray, Physicist Mon Sep 27 12:56:53 2004
7. Earth Sciences: Re: Help! Craters!!, Nick Hoffman, Physics Wed May 20 18:47:45 1998
8. Physics: Re: does gravity affect light, if so what effect could it have on a hollagram, Nick Steph, Faculty, Physics, Franklin College Wed Feb 3 08:19:40 1999
9. Physics: Re: How does a funnel affect the force of wind?, Stephen Murray, Physicist Fri Jun 8 17:13:11 2001
10. Physics: Re: Explain how you can change the pitch of a stringed instrument., Nick Steph, Thu May 27 12:00:49 1999
11. Physics: Re: In a fish tank how many pound of force is applied on each wall of the tank., Stephen Murray, Physicist Fri Apr 13 17:27:33 2001
12. Physics: Re: does water flowing from under a bridge whirl beacause of turburlent flow, Stephen Murray, Physicist Thu Apr 8 13:08:13 2004
13. Physics: Re: Why must an object reach 'escape velocity' to get away from Earth?, Nick Steph, Mon Jun 7 12:37:41 1999
14. Astronomy: Re: How did Newton find the distance from the earth to its moon? , Nick Steph, Faculty, Physics, Franklin College Mon Nov 30 12:21:26 1998
15. Genetics: Re: How closely are we all related?, Brian Foley, Molecular Genetics Staff Scientist Mon Nov 15 13:16:54 2004
16. Astronomy: Re: When will the sun die, Nick Steph, Faculty, Physics, Franklin College Wed Apr 14 09:28:36 1999
17. Physics: Re: What causes the sound when a hot wire gauze cools in a glass tube?, Stephen Murray, Physicist Wed Oct 10 14:48:06 2001
18. Astronomy: Re: What affects the sun to increase solar activity in the 11 year cycle, Nick Steph, Faculty, Physics, Franklin College Fri Apr 2 11:47:32 1999
19. Astronomy: Re: How to find Distance, Speed and chemistry of distant stars and galaxies etc, Nick Steph, Faculty, Physics, Franklin College Thu Mar 25 08:10:57 1999
20. Physics: Re: Can signals from radon gas in a sphere provide x,y,z location information? , Nick Steph, Faculty, Physics, Franklin College Mon Jan 18 13:48:04 1999
21. Earth Sciences : Re: How do we know that petroleum oil comes from dead animals?, Nick Hoffman, Physics Sun Jun 15 23:11:00 1997


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