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1. Engineering: Re: can I use two small battery-operated air pumps to propel a toy boat?, Pat March, Staff, mechanical engineering (aero), Skonk Works Thu Mar 9 12:18:31 2006
2. Medicine : Re: Is inhaled cigar smoke as deadly as inhaled cigarette smoke?, David Ng, PhD Student, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences Sat Mar 29 18:04:33 1997
3. Astronomy: Re: Questions about two Blue Moons, Nick Hoffman, Geophysics Mon Jan 4 17:00:24 1999
4. Environment & Ecology: Re: How can I keep armidilos from digging up my lawn?, Mark Madachik, PD, Heartland Farm/Nursery Thu Nov 16 17:21:45 2000
5. Engineering: Re: calculate air flow rate in pipe at given pressure and temperature., Pat March, Staff, mechanical engineering (aero), Skonk Works Sun Aug 10 04:20:51 2003
6. Medicine : Re: Why can 'they' make a estraderm implant or a deconate injection? , William M. Rich, MD faculty,Univ. Med. Ctr Sat Oct 4 18:44:35 1997
7. Virology: Questions about HIV transmission, alex, grad (science) Mon May 7 18:23:12 2012
8. Physics: Re: Is there a paint that is invisible in daylight except with glasses?, Uncle Al Schwartz, Organic synthetic chemist Mon Apr 30 11:39:06 2001
9. Astronomy: Re: What stars/planets do I see in the S. East and S. West night sky?, Lew Gramer, MIT S.B. Math (Theoretical) Wed Feb 9 12:32:35 2000
10. Engineering: Re: will the size of the propeller in a wind turbine effect the energy produced, Pat March, Staff, mechanical engineering (aero), Skonk Works Tue Nov 18 02:24:36 2003
11. Immunology: Re: Why is there no vaccine against the common cold, gonorrhea, AIDS or herpes?, Mitchell Ho, Grad student, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Wed May 12 00:05:56 1999
12. Genetics : Re: Can species be genetically intertwined?, Jim Beisley, chief research of immune system kinetics,Univ of Calif at Berkeley Sun Mar 9 16:44:44 1997
13. Biochemistry: Re: How does Histamine aid in the secretion of gastric acid?, Billy Carver, Grad student, Biomedical Sciences, Vanderbilt University Mon Jan 15 16:46:02 2007
14. Astronomy: Re: Where would you have to be standing on the Earth for it to appear that the , Lew Gramer, MIT S.B. Math (Theoretical) Mon Jun 2 12:15:58 2003
15. Earth Sciences: Re: What causes some tides to be 'plus tides' or 'minus tides?', Rob Campbell, Ph.D Candidate, Oceanography, University of British Columbia Sun Apr 7 15:57:21 2002
16. Botany: Re: do plants recognise their owners?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Tue Aug 23 18:39:36 2005
17. Medicine: Re: Does tea make you constipated ?, Peter Bosani, Independent Fri Oct 31 18:13:49 2008
18. Neuroscience: Re: what is the most amazing fact in neuroscience?, Lane Niles, Ph.D., President and Chief Science Officer Tue May 12 17:18:14 2009
19. Medicine: Re: Why do some people have black urine?, BOTFIELD Nigel, Staff, Haematology, Scunthorpe General Hospital Wed Feb 23 07:17:52 2000
20. Neuroscience: Re: Why does it take 20 min. for your stomach to signal your brain you're full?, John Morenski, M.D., Division of Neurosurgery, Division of Neurosurgery-University of Missouri-Columbia Fri May 3 11:21:50 2002
21. Computer Science: Re: Could we theoretically use photons instead of electrons in a processor?, Adrian E. Popa, Laboratory Director Emeritus Wed Oct 1 01:53:12 2003
22. Engineering: Re: How to estimate air flow &velocity thru a rotating ram air scoop, Pat March, Staff, mechanical engineering (aero), Skonk Works Mon Feb 16 15:00:45 2004
23. Genetics: Re: Scientific Genetic Manipulation for the purpose of creating a superior human, Billy Carver, Grad student, Biomedical Sciences, Vanderbilt University Fri Mar 6 14:48:18 2009
24. Chemistry: Re: what is the reaction called that constantly changes between 3 colors?, John Pojman, Faculty, Chemistry, University of Southern Mississippi Mon Nov 27 14:39:57 2000
25. General Biology: Re: How important is the role of minerals in the regeneration of planarians?, shashank harithsa, Grad student, Research fellow in Microbiology department, National Institute of Oceanography Wed Mar 28 04:41:09 2001


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