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1. Environment : Re: What are the effects of high level pH on freshwater ecosystems(pH 7&8), Cristin Amico, Grad student, Biological Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz Mon May 15 13:46:45 2000
2. Medicine: Re: HAS KIDNEY TROUBLE NOW HAS BLACK URINE, Peter e. Hughes, Faculty, Dept of Biochemistry, Mount Ida College Mon Mar 21 08:07:20 2005
3. General Biology: Re: Does food coloring effect bread at all?, Peter Bosani, Independent Fri Jan 11 19:11:21 2008
4. Other: cause of loud noise from brown paper bags, Randy Petersen, other Sun Jul 12 11:10:35 1998
5. Genetics: Re: How did my nephew get blonde hair and blue eyes?, Christopher Carlson, Grad student Genetics Thu May 28 19:57:00 1998
6. Chemistry: Re: why are some chemicals kept in brown bottles?, Peter Fichte, Faculty, Chemistry, Coker College Fri Jul 1 13:00:16 2005
7. General Biology: Re: Why doesn't all meat taste the same?, Peter Bosani, Music and Science, McGill University - Continuing Education Tue Mar 18 17:50:17 2003
8. Physics: Re: bullet impact with steel plate, Jennifer Anderson, Grad student, Geological Sciences, Brown University Mon Sep 3 17:14:09 2001
9. Botany: Re: How do plants live through the winter when it is cold?, Peter Minorsky, Faculty, Biology and Environmental Sciences, Western Connecticut State University Thu Mar 9 09:34:18 2000
10. Astronomy: Re: Why havent we heard from ET?, Erika Gibb, Grad student, Physics & Astronomy/Origins of Life, RPI Fri Jan 19 15:09:38 2001
11. Genetics: Re: are birth marks hereditary, Christopher Carlson, Ph.D. Mon Oct 2 16:42:51 2000
12. Genetics: Re: How do two blue-eyed parents produce a brown-eyed child?, Christopher Carlson, Grad student Genetics Thu Jun 22 01:03:48 2000
13. Chemistry: Re: Is the tarnish on a penny considered a precipitate or color change., Peter Blau, Staff, Metals and Ceramics, Oak Ridge National Lab Thu Mar 2 07:21:20 2000
14. Astronomy: Re: 1)More common, lunar or solar eclipse? 2)Why elliptical orbits?, James Steele Foerch, Instructor, Pine Creative Arts Academy Mon Oct 1 20:43:30 2001
15. Anatomy: Re: Re: Would black hair change color after 5 months exposure to sun in a desert?, Peter E. Hughes, Ph. D. Biochemistry, Sat Jul 14 16:56:46 2007
16. Astronomy: Re: VRD--alien and UFO existence, Erika Gibb, Grad student, Physics & Astronomy/Origins of Life, RPI Mon Feb 12 11:07:51 2001
17. General Biology: Re: Can iris color change ( become lighter) in humans to do to raw food diets?, Peter Bosani, Independent Sat Dec 18 15:35:13 2004
18. Cell Biology: Re: What is the effect of a changing magnetic polarity on aquatic plant membran, Peter Minorsky, Faculty, Biology and Environmental Sciences, Western Connecticut State University Mon Jun 5 17:49:37 2000
19. Medicine: Re: Is there any research on whether prayer works?, Linda J. Weyandt MD/CRNA, Grad student, Psychology/, North Central University Wed Oct 20 14:38:50 1999
20. Genetics: Re: Can hazel and green eyes produce a child with brown eyes?, Christopher Carlson, Ph.D. Wed Sep 6 15:54:38 2000
21. Astronomy: Re: Could a Black Hole atom be used to efficiently convert matter to energy?, Peter Brown, Staff, Physicist, none Sun Jul 2 18:38:21 2000
22. General Biology: Re: Why do defrost potatoes are sweeter?, Peter Bosani, Independent Fri Nov 30 19:03:13 2007
23. Anatomy: Re: Can humans hibernate especially if they are fat?, Jens Peter Bork, M.D., Internal Medicine, Erlangen University Hospital Sun Jan 29 00:26:01 2006
24. Evolution : The color of the iris, Peter Weijnitz, teacher/prof Sat Aug 31 08:34:19 1996
25. Anatomy: Re: Re: Is Brown Fat Actually Different from White Fat?, Peter E. Hughes, Ph. D. Biochemistry, Sat May 5 19:52:18 2007


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