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1. Physics: Re: Why donít photons collide, interfere or react with one another? , Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Wed Feb 18 22:24:14 2004
2. Computer Science: Re: How does quantum computing work ?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Fri Apr 5 07:08:34 2002
3. Physics: Re: Is there any experimantal proof that electromagnetic wave has momentum?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Thu Nov 4 02:27:09 2004
4. Physics: Re: Is Quantum Teleportation possible, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Tue Mar 26 13:50:48 2002
5. Physics: Re: Does Bell's Interconnectedness Therom take everything into account?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Sat Sep 18 01:01:43 2004
6. Physics: Re: How does electron action account for instantaneous photon velocity ?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Sat Jun 5 13:13:17 2004
7. Physics: Re: Where can I find someone to do a new version of the single slit experiment?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Sat Aug 28 22:56:05 2004
8. Physics: Re: Can EM radiation interact with high energy sound waves?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Thu Apr 10 10:12:29 2003
9. Computer Science: Re: How Fast Could You Get A Superconducor CPU To Go?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Sat Apr 27 13:22:54 2002
10. Neuroscience: Re: Losing brain cells, Tom Virden, Post-doc/Fellow, Psychology/Behavioral Neuroscience, Arizona State University Tue Oct 20 12:25:10 1998
11. Computer Science: Re: What is difference in web pages that end in .asp .htm or .html?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Wed Mar 20 04:46:04 2002
12. Physics: Re: Does the Uncertainty Relation hold for a photon whose T=0 ?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Wed May 12 17:56:50 2004
13. Physics: Re: What is the light loss rate in a box (mirror, etc) of ultraviolet light?, Michael Richmond, Faculty, Physics, Rochester Institute of Technology Thu Jul 14 11:45:36 2005
14. Physics: Re: does uv light pass through water?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Thu Sep 4 16:15:03 2003
15. Physics: Re: how do a photon reflecting in a mirror stay coherent and not entangle ?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Fri Jan 17 14:53:40 2003
16. Physics: Re: How exactly does the equation n wavelength = d sin angle work?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Sun May 18 07:05:19 2003
17. Neuroscience: Re: What is the explanation for feeling pressure prior to falling asleep?, Chris Atherton, Grad student Sun Mar 18 20:11:05 2001
18. Chemistry: Re: Are all molecules optically active?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Wed Dec 10 19:10:41 2003
19. Physics: Re: Why resistance of silicon and germanium decreases with increase of temperature?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Thu Nov 27 21:04:23 2003
20. Computer Science: Re: How reliable is Encryption?, Phil Marsden, Post-doc/Fellow Sun Apr 13 10:40:58 2003


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