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1. General Biology: Can a long-term lack of sleep cause a person's blood sugar to go crazy?, Laura Bowers, 10-12 Sun Sep 24 14:35:42 2000
2. Physics: About that 1000000 Lb boat in 100 Lbs of water?, Bill, nonaligned Wed Apr 4 21:15:08 2001
3. General Biology: Marine Biology -- Crustaceans , Rachelle St.Jeor, 10-12 Fri Mar 28 00:28:32 2003
4. Environment/Ecology: Re: What are the effects of ionizing radiation on plant life? , R. Ted Jeo, Bio Sci Tech, St. Paul, MN Fri Mar 20 15:12:34 1998
5. Medicine: Allergies, Mark Jeong, undergrad Thu Jul 23 10:00:59 1998
6. Astronomy: Stable underground living on Venus?, Brian, 10-12 Thu Dec 6 17:15:39 2001
7. Chemistry: Re: how can you weigh an atom if it is so microscopic?, Samuel Silverstein, faculty, physics, Stockholm University Thu Dec 21 12:08:08 2000
8. Earth Sciences: Re: HOW DOES SILT STAY AND COLLECT TOGETHER?, R. Ted Jeo, Bio Sci Tech, St. Paul, MN Tue Oct 19 15:56:04 1999
9. Medicine: Re: How can I write a permission form for volunteers for my scifair project?, Bernadette Baca, Health Physicist, Division of Reactor Safety Tue Jan 30 15:21:42 2001
10. Earth Sciences : RE: Erosion and Deposition, Richard Ted Jeo, Bio Sci Tech, USDA-ARS University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN Fri Oct 25 11:21:52 1996
11. Earth Sciences : RE: quicksand, Ted Jeo, Bio Sci Tech, USDA-ARS University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN Tue Mar 26 10:38:07 1996
12. Environment/Ecology : Re: How can I measure Nitrogen levels in soil using school lab eeuipment, Ted Jeo, Bio Sci Tech, USDA-ARS University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN Tue Mar 4 13:38:10 1997
13. Earth Science : Re: Wind Speed, Ted Jeo, Bio Sci Tech, USDA-ARS University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN Thu Jan 9 10:59:03 1997
14. Other: Re: I need to know how to write a abstract about my science project , Tom Cull, Staff, Clinical Sciences MR Division, Picker International Fri May 12 16:07:38 2000
15. Physics: How are neutrons accelerated in nuclear Fission reactors?, Edward, 10-12 Mon Feb 26 17:18:41 2001
16. Zoology: Re: How far below the surface does the Northern Fence Lizard spend the winter?, June M. Wingert , RM(NRM),Associate Scientist Sun Nov 12 14:46:52 2000
17. Physics: Re: How do you measure laser interference with cameras?, Adrian E. Popa, Laboratory Director Emeritus Thu Feb 10 22:49:44 2005
18. Astronomy: Is there a difference between gravitational redshift and doppler redshift?, No name entered., No grade entered. Sun Sep 24 08:19:01 2000
19. Physics: Re: How much energy would be needed to stop the rotation of earth?, Sidney Chivers, , Nuclear Engineering, retired Sat Oct 9 18:19:29 1999
20. Genetics: can we not clone using just one animal?, shourya, 10-12 Sat Jan 6 19:06:54 2007
21. Neuroscience: Re: How can we enhance the intelligence of our children? Genius children?, David Hackos, Post-doc/Fellow, Molecular Biophysics, National Institutes of Health Tue Nov 16 20:51:47 1999
22. : No subject, ,
23. Anatomy: Re: Does deep frying kill the antibiotic-resistant bacteria on meat products?, Forrest Howell, Staff Wed Feb 23 14:49:55 2011
24. Environment/Ecology : Re: Should we cut down the rain forests?, Justin Remais, Student and Engineer Asst., University of California at Berkeley/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Fri Jun 27 11:02:10 1997
25. Agricultural Sciences: Re: what is the hydrologic cycle?, R. Ted Jeo, Bio Sci Tech, St. Paul, MN Mon May 11 14:04:04 1998


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