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1. Earth Sciences: Re: what is the diffence between the gravitation on Earth and the Moon?, Richard T. De Van, Owner, PeregrineWest Internet Publications Sun Oct 25 22:39:25 1998
2. Physics: Re: If plasma rarely forms on Earth, then how do we know that it exists? , Richard Bersin, Other (pls. specify below), Senior Technical Staff Member, Emergent Technologies Tue Jun 19 00:55:44 2001
3. Neuroscience: Re: What life form is the smelling Champion?, Amanda Kahn, Grad student, neuroscience, UCSF Mon Mar 13 18:07:36 2000
4. Computer Science: Re: Quantum computers in the year 2040, Eric Maass, Director, semiconductors / communication products Sun Dec 24 12:49:44 2000
5. Astronomy: Re: At what day of the year would the earth be closest to Sagittaius A?, Richard Goode, Science Department Chair, Secondary School Teacher Physics, Porterville High School, Porterville CA Sat Mar 4 13:51:12 2000
6. Astronomy: Re: How large is the Star Achernar?, Richard T. De Van, Other (pls. specify below), NA, PeregrineWest Information Design Sat Apr 25 11:52:45 1998
7. Chemistry: Re: Why does grease does not disolve in water?, Richard Stein, Professor of Chemistry, Natural Sciences, Germanna Community College Fri Mar 13 12:34:38 1998
8. : No subject, ,
9. Astronomy: Re: Why is the 'Little Dipper visible year round., Richard T. De Van, Owner, PeregrineWest Internet Publications Sat Feb 13 21:19:10 1999
10. Earth Sciences: Re: How can you tell the difference between an Earthquake and an Aftershock., Richard T. De Van, Owner Thu Mar 9 17:50:55 2000
11. Chemistry: Re: Are there more atomic orbitals other than s, p, d, f?, Duje Bonacci, Grad student, Sun Mar 4 04:32:07 2001
12. Astronomy: Re: Is it possible to change a metheorit's rate, avoiding colision with earth?, Richard Goode, Secondary School Teacher Physics, Porterville High School, CA Fri Oct 30 17:43:58 1998
13. Evolution: Evolution and homosexuality, Ade George, teacher/prof Fri Jul 3 08:46:22 1998
14. Evolution: Re: How & why did the penis evolve?, Richard Kingsley, Science teacher Mon Aug 23 02:13:46 1999
15. Earth Sciences: Re: How have we found out what the interior of the earth looks like, Richard T. De Van, Owner, PeregrineWest Internet Publications Fri Feb 19 20:46:49 1999
16. Zoology : Do some animals have a sense of morality?, Richard Hyatt, undergrad Tue Nov 4 02:44:01 1997
17. Medicine: Does the addition of sugar speed up the rate of water absorbtion in the gut, Richard Kingsley, undergrad Thu Apr 1 22:34:18 1999
18. Earth Sciences: Re: please could you send me some information on the Earth is shrinking, Richard Kingsley, Grad student, Bachelor of Education (Science), OISE - University of Toronto Sat Apr 10 12:18:13 1999
19. Chemistry: Where can I find information about emergent properties?, Richard Warrington, grad (science) Sun Jul 18 13:22:08 1999
20. Neuroscience: Re: what is a good survay to find out if boys are smarter than girls?, Lynn Nielsen-Bohlman, Faculty, Geriatric Psychiatry, Vanderbilt University Medical Center Tue Feb 20 18:21:30 2001
21. Earth Sciences: Re: Does the string of a plumb line point at the center of the Earth?, Richard T. De Van, Owner Sat Jan 29 15:20:23 2000
22. Physics: how does surface area affect lift on a wing? Broad wing vs long wing, Matt, grad (non-science) Wed Feb 10 16:08:26 2010
23. Virology: Re: I have a few questions on requirements to become a Virologist, Art Anderson, Senior Scientist in Immunology and Pathology at USAMRIID Thu Sep 4 09:58:23 2003
24. Zoology: How do chickens lay eggs that have not been fertilized?, Richard, nonaligned Mon Apr 18 17:26:20 2005
25. Chemistry: Re: What chemical properties cause things to be perceived a certain color?, Todd Whitcombe, Faculty, Chemistry, University of Northern British Columbia Wed Sep 29 19:59:24 1999


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