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1. Neuroscience: Re: How can color trigger emotional states ?, Michael Do, Grad student, Neuroscience, Harvard University Sun May 13 23:40:04 2001
2. Other: Re: Why will a single kernel of popcorn not pop by itself in a microwave?, Robert LaBudde, Staff, Food science, Least Cost Formulations, Ltd. Mon Mar 1 13:34:36 1999
3. Astronomy: Re: Why do asteroids stray from their orbits while the planets stay put?, Robert Macke, Instructor, Astronomy Mon Oct 23 18:25:26 2000
4. Astronomy: Re: Do planets cause tidal bulges in the sun?, Jeff Robertson, Associate Professor of Astrophysics Thu May 20 12:15:39 2004
5. Physics: Re: could lasers be used to break bonds on water?, Robert Arts, Faculty, Physics, Pikeville College Fri Jan 3 18:34:53 2003
6. Chemistry: Common name for 1-Threo-2,4,5,6-pentoxyhexen-2-carboxylic acid lactone? , Mary Douglas, 7-9 Sun May 31 21:44:17 1998
7. Agricultural Sciences: Re: How does IR cooking work as compared to convential cooking?, Robert LaBudde, Staff, Food science, Least Cost Formulations, Ltd. Sat May 20 20:30:06 2000
8. Science History: Re: Re: who named germs as 'germ'?, Art Anderson, Mon May 5 18:22:24 2008
9. Other: Why do so many receipes call for eggs in the ingredient list?, Robert Robinette, 10-12 Tue May 30 16:48:16 2000
10. Medicine: Re: Does bone marrow regenerate in the donor after a bone marrow transplant? , Robert May, M.D., Asoc.Prof.OB&Gyn Ret. Un.Alabama Bhm., Retired Thu Sep 23 11:57:20 1999
11. Astronomy: Re: Can we send supplies in an unmanned satellite to other planets to get later, Michael Martin-Smith, Other (pls. specify below), Family Physician, Fellow,BIS, amateur astronomer( BAA), British Interplanetary Society Tue Sep 1 17:45:05 1998
12. Physics: Re: Why isn't violet cooler than red since it reflect more energy?, Jeff Robertson, Associate Professor of Astrophysics Thu Dec 5 09:46:32 2002
13. NeuroScience : Re: INFLUENCE LOW RANGE FRIEQUENCIES (5-25 Hz) ON HUMAN BRAIN, William J Bray, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Mon Jul 21 11:21:42 1997
14. Astronomy: Re: How did people know the mass of pluto?, Chris Peterson, Faculty, Denver Museum of Nature and Science Wed May 11 13:14:33 2005
15. Medicine: Re: What are the risks associated with being a radiologist?, Robert Schier, M.D., Radiology, Pacific Imaging Consultants Thu Mar 15 10:41:13 2001
16. Development: Re: VRD: How is life imparted to sperm, Elsa Lee, Grad student, Molecular Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley Thu May 11 03:10:28 2000
17. Botany: Re: Where are the seeds in a pineapple plant?, Robert Houska, Faculty, Natural Sciences, Fullerton College Wed Apr 15 22:29:58 1998
18. Physics: Re: Do positron trails show up in cloud chamber photos?, Robert Macke, Grad student, Physics, Wed Jun 3 12:32:20 1998
19. General Biology: Re: What causes vomit when blood flows into the stomach ?, Robert Schier, M.D., Radiology, Pacific Imaging Consultants Sat Mar 24 19:26:25 2001
20. Engineering: Re: how are washboards (ripples) in dirt roads formed, Robert Chesson, Other (pls. specify below), Working Geologist (Certified Profssional Geologist), FEC Tue Jun 9 12:44:48 1998
21. Physics: Re: What does the term Quantum Concept mean?, Jeff Robertson, Faculty, Physical Sciences, Arkansas Tech University Thu May 4 14:58:25 2000
22. Botany: Re: How do sugarbeet and sugarcane manage to survive?, Cynthia Galloway, Faculty Biology Fri Sep 23 12:27:52 2011
23. Biochemistry: Re: Does the human body ever 'burn' muscle for energy?, Peter E. Hughes, Ph. D. Biochemistry, Faculty, Biochemistry, Sat Jan 26 19:36:47 2013
24. Physics: why does pepper stick to a charged balloon rather than salt?, Shelley Roberts, 4-6 Thu May 19 17:33:07 2005
25. Anatomy: Re: Human teeth and carbonation and caffeine, Robert Houska, Faculty, Natural Sciences, Fullerton College Wed May 20 00:46:09 1998


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