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1. Botany: Re: Do Vines Twine Counter-Clockwise Only?, Robert Ascenzi, graduate student, Plant Biology, University of Minnesota Mon Aug 10 14:24:05 1998
2. Earth Sciences: Re: what are the perfect snow conditions for building a snowman?, Jeff Robertson, Faculty, Physical Sciences, Arkansas Tech University Fri Jan 14 13:13:19 2000
3. Physics: Re: How powerful can a laser beam get?, Robert Arts, Faculty, Physics, Pikeville College Mon Apr 21 19:46:12 2003
4. General Biology: Re: what happens to the human body after we die?, Michael Weaver, Staff, Biology/Microbiology, Merck & Co., Inc. Mon Apr 25 11:11:24 2005
5. Environment & Ecology: Re: testing a pond, river,creek for ph, diss co2 silica nitrites, Rob Campbell, PhD Candidate, Biological Oceanography, University of British Columbia Mon Jan 25 11:51:55 1999
6. Chemistry: Re: What exactly is milk regarding solutions and mixtures?, Robert LaBudde, Staff, Food science, Least Cost Formulations, Ltd. Mon Feb 3 00:46:26 2003
7. Physics: Re: Why aren't the full amount of electrons in certain shells complete?, Vladimir Escalante-Ramírez, Faculty, Institute of Astronomy, National University of Mexico Sat Mar 31 22:48:28 2001
8. Physics: Re: How do you physically measure the angle of refraction in water using laser?, Robert Arts, Faculty, Physics, Pikeville College Fri Feb 1 08:52:34 2002
9. Physics: Re: could lasers be used to break bonds on water?, Robert Arts, Faculty, Physics, Pikeville College Fri Jan 3 18:34:53 2003
10. Engineering : Re: Iron Working?, Tod Flak, Post-doc/Fellow Engineering Tue Apr 22 11:45:03 1997
11. General Biology: Re: 1. When I laugh I have no strength to swim ,why ? , Robert West, Post-Doc\Functional Neuroanatomist, VA Hospital, Syracuse, NY Wed Jun 17 13:13:03 1998
12. Biochemistry: Re: Meat Rotting: Definition of rotting and ways to observe, Robert LaBudde, Staff, Food science, Least Cost Formulations, Ltd. Thu Mar 30 20:13:27 2000
13. Science History: Re: Re: who named germs as 'germ'?, Art Anderson, Mon May 5 18:22:24 2008
14. Science History: Re: who are the scientists involved in the discovery of the cell, Art Anderson, Senior Scientist in Immunology and Pathology at USAMRIID Tue Feb 20 18:14:46 2007
15. Earth Sciences: Re: What is Hematite and copper?, Robert Chesson, Geologist (Certified Professional Geologist), Foothill Engineering Consultants Thu Jan 21 11:39:19 1999
16. Medicine: Re: How does salicylic acid work to remove warts?, Robert May, M.D., Asoc.Prof.OB&Gyn Ret. Un.Alabama Bhm., Retired Tue Aug 24 14:47:03 1999
17. Physics: Re: Can crystalline lasers be explained by recombination?, Adrian Popa, Director Emeritus, Hughes Research Laboratories Wed Jan 23 22:05:07 2002
18. Physics: Re: what kind of laser is used in laser cooling and whats the efficiency?, Robert Arts, Faculty, Physics, Pikeville College Fri Jan 4 01:05:38 2002
19. Physics: Re: is this efficiency rating equal to the doppler shift?, Robert Arts, Faculty, Physics, Pikeville College Fri Jan 18 11:48:48 2002
20. Botany: Re: What is the source of sugar in nongreen plant tissues, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Mon Oct 3 16:14:19 2005
21. Physics: Re: What are the best foods to use in building an edible car?, Robert LaBudde, Staff, Food science, Least Cost Formulations, Ltd. Thu Apr 8 20:00:48 1999
22. Other: Re: How many insect parts are found in one average can of peanut butter?, Robert LaBudde, Staff, Food science, Least Cost Formulations, Ltd. Tue Feb 19 17:56:48 2002
23. Physics: Re: Do positron trails show up in cloud chamber photos?, Robert Macke, Grad student, Physics, Wed Jun 3 12:32:20 1998
24. Chemistry: How can I tell the difference between stainless steel and aluminum?, Robert, undergrad Sun Mar 1 09:30:19 2009
25. Engineering: No subject, Tom Cull, Staff, Clinical Sciences MR Division, Marconi Medical Systems Tue Nov 20 14:57:21 2001


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