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1. Environment & Ecology: Is chlorine highly reactive with any other element or chemical, and if so , Robert French, Wed Jan 26 02:34:21 2000
2. Physics: Re: Why aren't the full amount of electrons in certain shells complete?, Vladimir Escalante-Ramírez, Faculty, Institute of Astronomy, National University of Mexico Sat Mar 31 22:48:28 2001
3. General Biology: Re: 1. When I laugh I have no strength to swim ,why ? , Robert West, Post-Doc\Functional Neuroanatomist, VA Hospital, Syracuse, NY Wed Jun 17 13:13:03 1998
4. Physics: Re: Does the temperature of a baseball affect it's rebound rating?, Tom Cull, Staff, Clinical Sciences MR Division, Picker International Fri Jan 28 10:31:21 2000
5. Earth Sciences: Re: What is Hematite and copper?, Robert Chesson, Geologist (Certified Professional Geologist), Foothill Engineering Consultants Thu Jan 21 11:39:19 1999
6. Neuroscience : Re: Why do you feel the prickly feeling after releasing pressure on a nerve , Robert West, Post-doc/Fellow Mon Jan 13 08:20:37 1997
7. Genetics: What is the difference between linkage equilibrium & linkage disequilibrium, Megan , 10-12 Tue Dec 5 12:16:38 2000
8. Medicine: Re: Why do we need to drink water?, Robert West, Post-Doc\Functional Neuroanatomist, VA Hospital, Syracuse, NY Fri Mar 27 12:46:37 1998
9. Earth Sciences : Re: direction to center of earth, robert l. judge, Faculty, Chemistry/Science Department, Holy Cross High School Tue Oct 7 21:49:47 1997
10. Medicine : Re: is it possible to hold your eyes open when you sneeze? , Robert West, Post-doc/Fellow Thu Sep 18 12:47:56 1997
11. Development: Re: at any time during foetus development does the foetus have gills ?, Brian Turner, Grad student, Neuroscience/Cell Biology, Cornell University Medical College Tue Nov 30 10:28:16 1999
12. Physics: Can you measure how fast an odour travells in air?, Robert, nonaligned Fri Jul 16 12:59:26 1999
13. Medicine : Re: Cause and treatment of sudden hearing loss, Robert West, Post-doc/Fellow Mon Jan 27 15:32:33 1997
14. Zoology: Re: What Traits Help Geckos Live In Hot And Dry Places, Ruth Allard, Conservation Biologist, American Zoo and Aquarium Association Thu May 20 16:04:57 1999
15. NeuroScience : Re: How do we get the 'convolutions' in our brain?, Robert West, Post-doc/Fellow Sun Sep 28 13:47:08 1997
16. Chemistry: Re: How is 4-HNE formed from linoleic acid, Samuel Conway, Product Chemistry Supervisor Tue Jan 14 20:49:35 2014
17. Engineering: Re: what makes a semiconductor have a direct or indirect bandgap?, Adrian Popa, Director Emeritus, Hughes Research Laboratories Sat May 11 20:38:53 2002
18. Medicine: Re: Does caffeine stunt your growth? , Robert West, Post-Doc\Functional Neuroanatomist, VA Hospital, Syracuse, NY Mon Jul 27 15:21:38 1998
19. Astronomy: Re: degrees in which the moon rises and sets, Jeff Robertson, Faculty, Physical Sciences, Arkansas Tech University Tue Aug 25 20:12:05 1998
20. Chemistry: Re: If you compress water enough will it turn into ice?, James Griepenburg, , Chemical consultant, Chemmet Services Sun Feb 25 16:51:23 2001
21. Astronomy: Re: Can a telescope or device see planets through clouds, Jeff Robertson, Faculty, Physical Sciences, Arkansas Tech University Wed Sep 15 14:00:42 1999
22. Physics: Re: Uncertainty Principle, zero-point energy, spin 1/2 -> connected?, Samuel Silverstein, Lecturer in physics Tue Sep 23 00:58:45 2014
23. Medicine: Re: What part of the tounge's tastebuds, have what sense?, Robert West, Post-Doc\Functional Neuroanatomist, VA Hospital, Syracuse, NY Fri Mar 6 16:24:20 1998
24. Medicine: Re: Which illness did the Elephant Man have?, June M. Wingert , RM(NRM),Associate Scientist Thu Mar 22 12:12:23 2001
25. General Biology: Re: I have two water organism but I don't know their name., Allison J. Gong, Graduate student Sun Dec 3 11:17:59 2000


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