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1. Earth Sciences: Re: Is there underwater weather in the oceans?, Michael O''Donnell, Post-doc/Fellow, Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara Thu Nov 2 14:05:48 2006
2. Earth Sciences: Re: Can snowguns make perfect hexagonal snow crystals? If not what shape?, Lon Brouse, Faculty, Chemistry, Challenge Charter School Tue Feb 19 09:35:30 2002
3. Physics: Re: How does radio wave absorbtion work in MRI?, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Thu Sep 25 15:26:46 2008
4. Chemistry: Re: Why does U238 have a stable nucleus while U236 splits?, Gerald Gels, Staff, Senior Health Physicist, Tetra Tech NUS Corp Thu May 4 00:38:35 2000
5. Chemistry: Re: What metals would make the best electrod, Robert L. Judge, Faculty, Chemistry/Science Department, Holy Cross High School Mon Feb 15 08:25:50 1999
6. Physics : Re: image resolution limits, Adrian Popa, Staff Optical/Microwave Physics Wed May 21 15:00:24 1997
7. Physics: Re: What physics is behind the 'stomp rocket', Brian Dolan, Undergraduate, mathematics/bio-cybernetics, Pierce College Tue Oct 20 10:52:01 1998
8. Astronomy: Re: How do we measure the Hubble Flow?, Pauline Barmby, Astrophysicist Sun Jan 18 16:58:05 2004
9. Immunology: Re: What are the projections for the future of AIDS treatment - 5 to 10yrs, Brian Foley, Molecular Genetics Staff Scientist Wed Nov 7 15:58:59 2007
10. Physics: Re: Electrons Going in and out of Filament?, Barry Kamrass, Consulting Engineer Sun May 11 12:46:44 2008
11. Microbiology: What kind of bacteria decompose animal wastes into methane gas?, Ray, 10-12 Sun Jan 13 21:16:30 2002
12. Botany: Why did a flower in SPRITE last longer than one in water? , Kaitlin Carr, 4-6 Fri Feb 11 10:39:45 2000
13. Zoology: Re: Are there some animals or birds that do NOT live in communities?, dave armstrong, Faculty, Biology, Cedars Tutoring, Qatar Fri Aug 6 12:03:43 2010
14. Science History: Re: What is the historical accuracy of thermometers?, Dave Clark, Staff, Chemical and Environmental Technologies, Battelle Mon Jun 5 09:26:15 2006
15. Chemistry: Re: How can I detect a specific amount of hydrofluoric acid in solution?, James Griepenburg, , Chemical consultant, Chemmet Services Wed Jan 28 12:23:41 2009
16. Physics: Re: if 'honey I shrunk the kids' was possible would the kids wieght remain., John Link, Senior Staff Physicist Tue Feb 19 07:25:16 2008
17. Neuroscience: Re: Whose handwriting is the neatest - boys or girls?, Paulette Caswell, Grad student Education, etc., AMICUS, Inc. Ed. Svcs. Sun Jan 30 06:19:17 2000
18. Astronomy : Re: Why don't the planets crash into each other?, David Barlow, Private individual, Grad education in Physics/Astrophysics and Comp. Support Tue Jul 29 09:04:22 1997
19. Astronomy: Re: a few grams short of a black hole?, Vladimir Escalante-Ramirez, Faculty Tue Mar 24 02:46:43 2009
20. Neuroscience: Re: what are the activities at the synaptic junction , Alexander Craig, Grad student, Physiology/Neurobiology Tue Dec 19 09:35:49 2000
21. Physics: Re: Why does an ice cube in a cup stay in the same place while the cup turns?, Uli Dammer, Secondary School Teacher, -, Gymnasium Liestal Mon May 22 12:02:58 2000
22. General Biology: Re: how much air do we need to survive on pluto, Tye Morancy, Staff, Medical Physicist/Dosimetrist, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Mon Dec 19 11:23:15 2005
23. Engineering: Re: I need to make a flashlight that works, Karl Kolbus, Staff, Data processing, Mequon Consulting Corp. Tue Mar 7 18:34:17 2000
24. Astronomy: Re: reaction speed of nucleosynthesis, theory vs. experiment, why differ?, Vladimir Escalante-Ramirez, Faculty Tue Jan 7 20:21:01 2014
25. Physics: Re: are the propellers of a windmill an example of a screw (a simple machine)?, Brian Self, physics teacher Sat May 2 10:18:30 1998


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