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1. General Biology: Re: Can an earthworm learn simple choices, can you teach worms?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Sun Oct 16 09:32:29 2005
2. NeuroScience : Re: Genetic brain Pathways, Shirley Chan, Ph.D., University of Toronto Mon Apr 21 16:13:46 1997
3. General Biology: Re: How to write a good report conforming to the style of a scientific paper?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Fri Feb 2 11:30:02 2001
4. Science History: Re: Will the human genome project be a postive contribution to community? , Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Wed Dec 5 10:51:12 2001
5. Genetics: Re: How is it possible for my half-Korean friend to have blue eyes?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Thu Jul 1 10:25:42 2004
6. Development: Re: How do we really know where babies come from?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Tue Jan 14 14:45:07 2003
7. Molecular Biology: Re: how did scientists know the recognition site of a restiction enzyme?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Wed Dec 31 09:43:11 2003
8. Science History: Re: What did Phebus A. Levene hypothesize about DNA and who corrected him?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Tue Mar 30 13:01:34 1999
9. Genetics: Re: Can an Asian man w/a white blonde woman have a blonde child?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Mon Mar 1 13:41:51 2004
10. Molecular Biology: Re: why do we call it DNA instead of DRNA or DRA?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Sun Nov 30 11:33:52 2003
11. Development: Re: What animals lay the largest/smallest eggs?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D., University of Toronto Wed Sep 30 09:18:28 1998
12. Genetics: Re: what are the advantages of human cloning, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Sat Sep 6 13:20:59 2003
13. Genetics: Re: What is the approximate length of a DNA molecule?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Mon Nov 15 09:35:42 2004
14. Development: Re: Being a male, am I able to provide the cell needed to produce twins., Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Tue Nov 30 11:14:16 1999
15. Genetics: Re: How does mRNA know which trait is dominant or recessive?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Sat May 1 13:26:40 1999
16. Genetics: Re: where should I start from, for a career in genetic engineering?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Thu Oct 21 15:12:09 2004
17. Other: Re: I have a son in kindergarten who is very gifted in the science area. He is, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Thu Nov 3 10:40:39 2005
18. Molecular Biology: Re: What new ideas have scientist come up with in the medical field of cloning?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Wed May 3 09:28:46 2000
19. Genetics: Re: What happens in DNA copying? When does it occur in the cell?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Wed Apr 23 17:30:05 2003
20. Computer Science: Re: From pattern recognition to image enhancement software?, Steve Czarnecki, senior technical staff member, Lockheed Martin Fri Oct 30 16:30:28 1998
21. General Biology : Re: Teaching a worm, Shirley Chan, Ph.D., University of Toronto Tue Sep 23 13:15:54 1997
22. Genetics: Re: Can a childs skin color be darker than its parents?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Thu Jul 13 16:54:17 2000
23. Genetics: Re: Is the ratio of male-female birth random?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Tue Mar 6 09:45:27 2001
24. Genetics: Re: How can you have a different color hair then your parents?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Fri Apr 21 14:40:06 2000
25. Genetics: Re: Are there any methods to fuse plant DNA with animal DNA?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Mon Jan 5 14:44:49 2004


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