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1. Chemistry: Re: what is the temperature in a vacuum?, Aaron J. Redd, Post-doc/Fellow, Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion, University of Washington Thu May 26 14:03:38 2005
2. Astronomy : Re: How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space?, John Haberman, Space Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Center, Greenbelt MD Thu Mar 6 15:16:22 1997
3. Neuroscience: Re: What happens biochemically to an organism during drug withrawl?, Alexander Craig, Grad student, Physiology/Neurobiology, University of Freiburg Fri Jun 19 10:12:26 1998
4. : No subject, ,
5. Evolution: Will animals living in city areas evolve to adapt to their city environment, Grant Johnson, 10-12 Thu Oct 28 23:23:02 2004
6. Zoology: How long does it take for a sea star and an lobster to regenerate a lost, jeanette douglas, 4-6 Tue Mar 21 15:32:41 2000
7. Biochemistry: Re: How is metabolism calculated?, Gabriel Vargas, Post-doc/Fellow, Neurosciences/Psychiatry, UCSF Sun Dec 20 13:58:32 1998
8. Astronomy : Re: When I use my ham radio, are my transmissions going into space?, Rick Cousins, Regional Mgr/Chemist-Industry Mon Aug 25 09:23:53 1997
9. Physics: Re: 'Quantum Reality and Subspace' are these real or made for Star Trek?, Layne Johnson, Undergraduate Fri Sep 15 20:33:33 2000
10. Earth Sciences: Re: Does a tornado (not TStorm) create electricity/lightning? If so, why?, William Beaty, Electrical Engineer / Physics explainer / K-6 science textbook content provider Sat Jun 27 20:19:07 1998
11. Physics: Re: What would you really see if you were traveling faster than light?, Layne Johnson, Undergraduate Wed Sep 1 19:33:32 1999
12. Computer Science: Re: How do artist tablet input devices for computers work?, William Johnson, Staff, Engineering Consultant, Ashford Technical Software Fri Aug 11 12:10:08 2000
13. Physics: Re: Does a graviton's gravity pull in all directions?, Layne Johnson, Undergraduate Tue Feb 29 20:31:18 2000
14. Neuroscience: Re: What effects does the television play on the developing childs mind?, Alexander Craig, Grad student, Physiology/Neurobiology, University of Freiburg Wed Oct 13 05:31:24 1999
15. Astronomy: If the earth stopped rotating, would the sun still move in the sky for 8min, kyle, grad (non-science) Tue Apr 29 09:29:04 2003
16. Cell Biology: Re: For cloning, do you need just stem cells, or can you use other cells?, Paul Szauter, Staff, Mouse Genome Informatics, The Jackson Laboratory Mon May 21 10:38:11 2001
17. Biophysics: Re: What do astronauts experience during launch?, David Ellis, Researcher, NASA Glenn Research Center Wed Mar 7 09:50:19 2007
18. Zoology: Re: What colour lights are insects more attracted to and why?, David Richman, Staff, Entomology Wed Jun 21 19:25:14 2000
19. Computer Science: Re: how c language was made??, William Johnson, Staff, Engineering Consultant, Ashford Technical Software Fri Feb 9 14:45:58 2001
20. Neuroscience: how do we have two sides of the brain?, Abbey Johnson, 4-6 Sat Feb 13 22:20:21 1999
21. Chemistry: Re: How would I flash freeze a ten foot cube of water?, Gregory Fike, Grad student, Paper Science, Institute of Paper Science & Technology Tue Sep 26 20:48:03 2000
22. Earth Sciences: How is obsidian affected by heating, e.g., in a kiln?, Ross, 7-9 Tue Jan 31 22:25:58 2006
23. Medicine: Re: Sleep Deprivation. How long? How bad?, Linda J. Weyandt MD/CRNA, Grad student, Psychology/, North Central University Sun Sep 19 17:15:06 1999
24. Physics: Re: tv trasmission from near light speed ship, Layne Johnson, Undergraduate Thu Oct 28 14:52:23 2004
25. Earth Sciences: Re: Why are sandy beach shore lines often 'scalloped' in their shape?, Gene Marlin, Undergraduate, Geosciences/Geology, Mississippi State University Wed Jul 20 13:59:20 2005


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