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1. Zoology: Re: Is it possible that there are still some dodo birds today?, Will Higgs, Consultant Fri Aug 6 11:34:11 2010
2. General Biology: Re: Is looking for life on other worlds unscientific?, Will Higgs, Consultant Thu May 15 02:16:28 2008
3. Physics: Re: Would there be anything beyond the LHC?, Benjamin Monreal, Physics postdoc Mon Jun 26 11:48:47 2006
4. Physics: Re: What exactly does a nuclear physicist do?, Andrew Karam, Staff, Radiation Safety / Geological Sciences, University of Rochester Tue Sep 26 15:11:12 2000
5. Anatomy: Re: Quick question about the cecum, Will Higgs, Consultant Tue Apr 26 16:06:39 2005
6. Physics: Re: origin of different types of charges and how many more of them? and why?, Samuel Silverstein, Lecturer in physics Fri Sep 5 07:58:30 2014
7. Physics: Re: What is 'decoupling limit' or 'decoupling theorem'?, Samuel Silverstein, Lecturer in physics Sun Jul 14 15:51:21 2013
8. Zoology: Re: Why do lumpfish vibrate?, Will Higgs, Consultant Fri Feb 25 08:31:03 2011
9. General Biology: Re: How long can a human float in water?, Will Higgs, Research Associate Fri Sep 26 03:03:50 2003
10. Zoology: Re: Do bats or other animals have hollow bones?, Will Higgs, Grad student, Zooarchaeology, University of York Wed Nov 8 08:23:29 2000
11. Physics: neutrino oscillation, right-left flipping, decay, Higgs, mass ->how?, No name entered., nonaligned Tue Sep 9 11:19:19 2014
12. Physics: Re: does a particle have mass if it does not move?, Randall Scalise, Faculty, Physics, Southern Methodist University Thu Sep 6 17:49:23 2001
13. Zoology: Re: Do catepillars have noses, Will Higgs, Consultant Sat Jul 2 14:49:08 2011
14. Earth Sciences: Re: Correlation between rain forest destruction and loss of glacial ice, Will Higgs, Consultant Mon Dec 14 12:20:16 2009
15. Physics: The Higgs boson has the mass of 133 protons about the same as a cesium atom, Alan, grad (non-science) Mon Dec 31 09:22:10 2012
16. Physics : Are quarks fundamental? Do Higgs Bosons exist? Proof?, Duncan Harwood, 10-12 Sun Feb 9 06:47:15 1997
17. Zoology: Re: How would you identify and unknown animal bone?, Will Higgs, Master's Student Wed Mar 10 02:54:25 2004
18. Zoology: Re: Why do many animals, like deer, stick their tongues out when they die?, Will Higgs, Grad student, Zooarchaeology, University of York (from Oct 2000) Fri Sep 15 03:39:53 2000
19. General Biology: Re: Why doesn't our tongue muscle grow infinitely?, Will Higgs, Grad student, Zooarchaeology, University of York (from Oct 2000) Sat Jun 24 13:04:14 2000
20. Physics: higher mass -> more zero-point energy? or zero-point energy is constant??, No name entered., nonaligned Tue Oct 28 00:40:27 2014
21. Physics: Re: are higgs particles quantisied, Benn Tannenbaum, Post-doc/Fellow, Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Los Angeles Thu Aug 23 13:38:06 2001
22. Zoology: Re: is there a case for a separate subspecies of urban vulpes vulpes?, Will Higgs, Grad student, Zooarchaeology, University of York Mon Jan 8 06:12:45 2001
23. Physics: Re: Can Dark Energy be Negative ?, Samuel Silverstein, Lecturer in physics Tue Jan 8 16:10:22 2008
24. Astronomy : Re: Age and size of universe?, David Barlow, Private individual, Grad education in Physics/Astrophysics and Comp. Support Fri Feb 21 18:43:57 1997
25. Physics: What is the spin of the higgsino? And what is it's ang. momentum?, Willian Arthur Brigham, nonaligned Tue Sep 5 15:33:20 2000


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