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1. Astronomy: Re: Is there up and down/vertical direction in space?, Kevin Reed, Engineer Tue Aug 23 13:04:56 2005
2. Physics: Re: What size of mushroom cloud is produced by x kiltons of TNT? , Benn Tannenbaum, Senior Research Analyst Mon Sep 20 12:41:40 2004
3. Engineering: Re: are there materials available on the moon?, John Free, Post-doc/Fellow, MFA, MFA Mon Nov 6 01:19:08 2006
4. Physics: Re: Why can soap film be flat., John Christie, Faculty, School of Chemistry, La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia Mon Mar 2 15:33:32 1998
5. Earth Sciences: Re: What would the shape of a soap bubble be in space?, John Haberman, Space Scientist, NASA Goddard Space Center, Greenbelt MD Wed Feb 23 12:23:59 2000
6. Chemistry: Re: Is a bubble a liquid or a gas?, Michael Weibel, Battelle Chemist Fri Nov 10 12:37:45 2000
7. Astronomy: Re: CAN A PLANET BE STRIPPED OF ITS ATMOSPHERE BY A NEAR MISS BY ANOTHER PLANET, Benjamin Monreal, Grad student, Physics, MIT Sun Oct 1 18:17:50 2000
8. Physics: What would happen to an object/person hitting atmosphere suddenly at speed?, Robin, undergrad Mon Dec 30 15:13:01 2002
9. Earth Sciences: Re: What is the most stable geometric shape that appears in nature?, John Christie, Faculty, Dept. of Chemistry, Thu Jun 16 23:52:06 2005
10. Chemistry: Re: How does salt affect water? , Steve Williams, Staff, Science Demonstrator, Pacific Science Center Mon Feb 26 18:56:50 2001
11. Astronomy: Re: How did astronmers determine the shape of our galaxy and where we are in i , Benjamin Monreal, Grad student, Physics, MIT Sat Dec 30 13:58:13 2000
12. Physics: Re: How do atoms of an object absorb or reflect photons/light to give color?, Martin Mayer, Faculty, Astrophysics, Private Wed Aug 11 01:35:20 1999
13. Physics : Re: How fast does an air bubble ascend underwater?, Jason Goodman, Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tue Jun 3 13:36:47 1997
14. Physics: Re: Why does ice melt faster in diet sodas than regular sodas?, Matthew Buynoski, Senior Member Technical Staff,Advanced Micro Devices Fri Jan 26 23:39:40 2001
15. Physics : RE: Vortex, production of., Shel Randall, System Consultant Thu May 30 18:03:53 1996
16. Astronomy : Re: Why are planets, moons, and suns round like a sphere?, Chris Capobianco, Post-doc/Fellow Dept. Planetary Sciences, University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ Sun Mar 2 10:36:00 1997
17. Chemistry: Re: Why are soap bibbles round?, Gregory Earl Webb, Working Stiff w/ Masters in Chemical Engineering, Dynasurf Thu Jan 22 17:11:16 1998


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