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1. Chemistry: Re: Why is it that you can't carbonate milk?, Kieran Kelly, Chemical engineer Sat Oct 21 17:18:33 2006
2. Chemistry: Re: What happens to the carbonation in an unopened can?, Kieran Kelly, Consultant, The Boston Consulting Group Mon Sep 25 23:14:44 2000
3. Chemistry: Re: Why do some soda cans sink while others float?, Dan Berger, MadSci Admin Tue Jun 1 14:05:53 1999
4. Chemistry: Re: Is there a way to measure carbonation levels?, Kieran Kelly, MadSci Admin Mon Oct 18 13:56:30 1999
5. Biochemistry: Re: why do our tongues hurt more when we drinking sodas after eating spicy food, Mark D. Sullivan, Faculty Physician Mon Aug 28 12:03:34 2006
6. Chemistry: Re: How to best keep the carbonation in a bottle of coke, Dan Berger, Faculty Chemistry/Science, Bluffton College Tue Feb 15 17:52:32 2000
7. Physics: Re: Why would a glass of pepsi spin smoothly on ceramic and not water?, Adrian Popa, Directors Office, Hughes Research Laboratories Mon Mar 13 12:23:15 2000
8. Chemistry: Re: What is the freezing point of beer?, Dr. Michael Weibel, Battelle Chemist Sun Jan 10 22:48:48 1999
9. Chemistry: Re: What happens to the Carbon Dioxide in pepsi when it is frozen ?, Dr. Michael Weibel, Battelle Chemist Sun Feb 21 18:29:13 1999
10. General Biology: Re: Does carbonation have an effect on the development of plants?, Cynthia Galloway, Faculty Biology Tue Oct 24 16:39:47 2000
11. Medicine: Re: Does carbonated water hydrate the body as well as non-carbonated water?, Elizabeth Kunkel, Faculty, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Clemson University Mon Sep 6 15:45:20 1999
12. Chemistry: Re: Why can a cold soda hold more carbonation than a warm soda?, Lon Brouse, Faculty, Chemistry, Challenge Charter School Tue Mar 12 09:18:18 2002
13. : No subject, ,
14. Chemistry: Re: Can you please give and explain the chemical formulas used in each step of , Dr. Michael Weibel, Battelle Chemist Thu Mar 18 18:18:20 1999
15. Chemistry: Re: Is there a relationship between carbonation and caffeine in soda?, David Sherman, Senior Flavor Specialist Sun Nov 5 13:08:46 2000
16. Chemistry: Re: Why does a freshly opened bottle of beer foam over when struck on top?, Kieran Kelly, Chemical engineer Tue Dec 20 17:17:04 2005
17. Chemistry: Re: How can you determin the alcohol percentage in beer?, Dr. Michael Weibel, Battelle Chemist Tue Mar 9 19:27:18 1999
18. Zoology: Re: I am setting up an experiment to see if alcohol affects a spider's ability , Ruth Allard, Tue Mar 7 10:55:44 2000
19. Chemistry: Re: Experiment to test Carbonation, John Christie, Faculty, Dept. of Chemistry, Mon Dec 6 16:02:10 2004
20. Other: Re: Are there specific reasons why fast food restaurants use different straws?, Kieran Kelly, Chemical engineer Wed Mar 15 23:57:33 2006
21. Chemistry: Re: Why does carbonation change the taste of soda, Kieran Kelly, grad, Darden School of Business Admin., University of Virginia Wed Feb 24 18:35:39 1999
22. Chemistry: Re: Does alcohol remove carbonation?, Charlie Crutchfield, Retired Sun May 28 17:22:15 2000
23. Biochemistry: Re: Why does carbonation make your nose 'burn', Jason Griffin, Staff, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Fri Jul 22 16:25:33 2005
24. Other: Re: What types of things would I research for effects of temp. on soda pop?, Kieran Kelly, ex-engineer Mon Dec 16 15:32:45 2002
25. Chemistry: Re: Why does diet coke fizz more than regular coke?, Kieran Kelly, MadSci Admin Tue Oct 26 14:34:28 1999


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