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1. Genetics: Can 'Junk' DNA be a mechanism to enhance the probability of gene survival?, Armando ferreira, grad (science) Sun Feb 8 05:58:45 2009
2. Genetics: Re: Can 'Junk' DNA be a mechanism to enhance the probability of gene survival?, Brian Foley, Molecular Genetics Staff Scientist Thu Apr 30 09:38:22 2009
3. Neuroscience: Re: Why do humans only use 1 of 10 neurons at a time?, Joe Simpson, MadSci Admin Mon Sep 21 10:23:22 1998
4. Genetics: Is junk DNA expressed in some cells?, Tess Leslie, undergrad Tue Jan 18 04:18:05 2000
5. Genetics: Re: Why are both eyes the same colour?, Christopher Carlson, Senior Fellow, Dept. of Molecular Biotechnology Wed Feb 11 15:45:09 2004
6. Molecular Biology: Re: Cloning and introns, Erik von Stedingk, Biotech Sales Manager Wed Aug 10 17:33:34 2005
7. Genetics: Re: Why is a frogs DNA longer than a humans?, Gabriel Vargas, Post-doc/Fellow, Neurosciences/Psychiatry, UCSF Fri Sep 11 00:06:00 1998
8. Virology: Re: What is the most rapid virus known?, Sebastien De Landtsheer, Undergraduate, Immunology, Laboratoire National de Santé Tue Aug 14 09:14:28 2007
9. Molecular Biology: Can a modulated laser rewrite portions of the DNA molecule?, Roy, undergrad Tue Sep 1 21:00:53 2009
10. Genetics: Re: Junk DNA and our evolution, Mark Woelfle, Faculty, Molecular Biology, Vanderbilt University Mon Mar 6 12:28:54 2000
11. Molecular Biology: Re: Is it possible to activate unnecessary genes in the human Chromosomes?, Paul Szauter, Staff, Mouse Genome Informatics Tue Jan 18 14:34:58 2005
12. Genetics: Re: Cant fit it sorry!, Steve Mack, Post-doc/Fellow, Molecular and Cell Biology, Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute Mon Dec 25 23:45:51 2000
13. Molecular Biology: Re: Can a modulated laser rewrite portions of the DNA molecule?, Steve Mack, Associate Staff Scientist Tue Sep 1 22:10:09 2009
14. Botany: Re: Is Linnées system totally out with the genetic studies?, David Hershey, Faculty, Botany, NA Mon May 7 23:43:11 2001
15. Genetics: Re: What organism(s) has the most chromosomes? Are they the most complex?, Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Thu May 18 11:47:33 2000
16. Physics: Re: How would human dna be stored for 1000 years in an orbiting satellite?, Pauline Barmby, grad student, Harvard University Astronomy Dept. Thu Jan 18 14:48:30 2001
17. Genetics: Re: Do 'junk DNA' sequences increase; ancient man to modern man ?, Dr. David Smerken, retired Ph.D., BIOANTHROPOLOGY, DNA. Thu Sep 23 10:57:13 1999
18. Chemistry: Re: Has the forensic evidence ever been wrong?, Michael Doskotz, Grad student, Forensic Science - Toxicology, City University of New York Mon Dec 20 21:53:32 1999
19. Evolution: Re: what is the rate of evolution in humans and does it vary?, Brian Foley, Molecular Genetics Staff Scientist Tue Dec 9 10:48:37 2003
20. Genetics: Re: How do you know a sequence of nucleotides is part a gene?, Paul Szauter, Staff, Mouse Genome Informatics, The Jackson Laboratory Mon Feb 26 13:44:06 2001
21. Genetics: Do 'junk DNA' sequences increase; ancient man to modern man ?, peter kot, nonaligned Fri Sep 3 12:41:23 1999
22. Genetics : RE: Human genome , Betsy Price, Nat.Hist.Genes,Utah Mon Mar 25 13:14:53 1996
23. Astronomy: Re: How could we transmit information to a far distant culture 250Myrs from now, John Dreher, Project Scientist, Allen Telescope Array Thu Jan 4 02:37:07 2001
24. Genetics : No subject, , Tue Apr 23 00:23:17 1996
25. Genetics: Re: Why dont we have a Manhatten Project for Genomics., Shirley Chan, Ph.D. Wed Jun 6 16:58:35 2001


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